Domination/Nemesis Challenge and Race Season Six Winners

so it affects also maximum level and quality. :)

Also,this post sounds incomplete....

"The new challenge leagues (Ambush and Invasion)" are what?You cant end the sentence there !
Bye bye desync!
Mind = Blown.

So, as with other Items, Corrupted Gems also have different outcomes..

Higher max Level, higher max Quality.

The Skills with the new effects/charge, are actually the "Vaal Skills", as mentioned in the earlier post. Not to be confused with "Corrupted" Skills. ~.^
40/40 Perandus, can't believe I did it! :O
Damn, that just means I set the bar for all future Leagues... RIP >_<
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Send me a PM on here, I check it all the time :)
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almost first page :(

level 21 and 23Q?

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Soon... *-*
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Corrupted my brain ! xD
It must have been one hell of an effort to have two accounts in the top 20 for racing.
corrupted FTW! gem lvl 21 huaaaaaa *______*
"Two players who broke the multiple-character rules on many occasions have been excluded from this prize. The prize awarding has been adjusted for subsequent seasons to address this - check the 1.1.0 patch notes for more information next week."

I'm so glad GGG did this. Good Job guys!

Grats to all top finishers!
somewhere at GGG:
-damn! i messed up with the main files and now all calculations on item stats are really random....
-how so?
-well... I went into this site who claimed to give free orbs and now all the game files are corrupted.
-mmmmm well, lets place a tag on any damaged item and call it currupted, it will be fine.
grats to all
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