Sacrifice of the Vaal: Teaser Screenshot #3

Today's Sacrifice of the Vaal teaser screenshot takes place in the Mud Flats and shows several elements we can't discuss in detail until after next week's press tour. It's really interesting following the speculation about new game mechanics!

Click the image for a large version of the screenshot.

Here's a linked copy of the ring: [jsonItem]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[/jsonItem]

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First (Edit: oh Aux.)

So...corruption changs implicit mods? Seems like it is that or sockets...

The weird reddish area seems like a cool dungeon...I want to go there......

Or maybe it is a fishing spot.
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Aux doings his thing. darn.

Wow. Nice addition to Mud Flats.

Theopolis, here we come!
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gg - first page celebrity first time xd
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So...corruption changs implicit mods?

Don't forget this picture.
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oh wow
You have entered Ghetto.
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That's a dick of a tease.

This is gonna make a lot of once fairly crappy items much better, so long as the downside to being corrupted isn't too large.
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first site here i am
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