New Microtransaction and Sacrifice of the Vaal: Teaser Screenshot #2

Is that a fishing boat?
Very interesting to look forward to. Many thanks for bringing this mini-expansion to us. Supporters worldwide feels more loyal and inclined to convert more people to PoE. Awesome ^^
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first thought on the ring is that whatever gem color you put in it gives you that type of resist. That's it. Just like the iron ring + gem = specific ring recipe. Gives a place for all the crap gems to sit and allows for better modification of resists when getting new gear.
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ES Quiver?
100% chance to have perfect links on this item!!!
could we have so much awesome as to drop a gem in the ring and get +1 to that skill.
the +1 would act as a global mod on the ring

That skill on the middle button, is that a new white gem skill?
Loads of info in just 1 screen shot.
zhirek wrote:
That skill on the middle button, is that a new white gem skill?
Loads of info in just 1 screen shot.

That's lightning warp. The blue skill gem in the inventory.

As a side note it appears the quiver gives some inherent support mod to burning arrow since there are no support skills attached.
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Zaqwert wrote:
So basically an unset ring is one that has no implicit mods, but has a single gem slot.

So you're in effect trading an implicit mod from a ring for a single gem slot that doesn't have any links.

what if the gem is global like other mods on rings? an added lightning gem will add lightning to all your attack skills (shop)
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Here's I thought a diamond player might one day make a ring with a socket in it and:


Instead GGG does it before one of them.

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