Physical Projectile Attack Damage

The way it is now, you can use lightning strike and molten strike, (also frost blades I think) with this without losing attack speed because I think they are melee attacks, projectiles are an additional effect (that happen to be attack based too). And I think this is an intended outcome of the current wording.

Maybe your suggested wording may work the same way, but I they are still projectile skill gems and attack skill gems, so maybe it won't apply? not too sure.
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I've tried using this gem in multiple builds and specially now through path of building i've discovered that this gem is almost always a DPS loss compared to many other options. Even relicary ROTC has better options for either elemental/elemental conversion/chaos+dot, so pretty much everything (bow related at least).
I guess this gem would be fine if you have a mirror-worthy 600+ physical dps bow... but then, anything would be good =/
Buff life on the right side of the tree! Just a little! Pretty Please!
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Please post new feedback for this skill gem here -
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