Physical Projectile Attack Damage

On what kinda setup is that? I'm guessing it's Anger/Wrath.
5L ST > Blood Magic > Lmp/GMP > Faster Attacks > Added fire, running Hatred as the only dps aura.

can you please change the tags on support gem or let it be used with Etheral Knives?

EK IS a PHYSICAL DAMAGE spell so it SHOULD affect it. There is no reason for it not to and it's hard enough to get DPS up on EK as a low level character and not being able to use a support that should rightly affect it is incredibly irritating.
EK is a Physical Damage Spell, not an Attack, so it shouldn't be affected by PPAD.

Get Hatred/Added Fire.
Question: with 100% physical to fire, does this gem buff the projectile AND the ignite? I know Weapon elemental damage only buffs the projectile (as it is a weapon gem) but this gem is just attack, so it should buff the projectile and the ignite that comes from said projectile?
Weapon is a synonym for Attack.

There are four "base" Damage types: Attack, Spell, secondary and Damage over Time. These are mutually exclusive - an Attack can never deal Spell Damage, Damage over Time can never be Attack Damage, etc.
Well, it seems to me that the reason they put such an awkward name as 'Physical Projectile Attack Damage' is to clearly differentiate it from elemental projectile attack damage support, i.e. 'Lightening Strike', which is an elemental attack, not a physical attack. Thus even spectral throw should not be affected as it is not really a physical attack buy a 'spectral' attack with magical copied of the weapon. So really only bows (physical arrow projectiles) should be supported according to the actual name.

We need examples of linking from those that have tested and found out the actual effect. OI can never tell if life leech is working in a link since I cannot stop life regen to test it out! There are many others that likewise cannot actually be tested, it seems.
They picked the name PPAD to differentiate it from Elemental Damage, from non-Projectile Damage, and from Spell Damage.

Both Lightning Strike and Spectral Throw deal Damage that is Physical, Projectile and Attack Damage. According to the actual name, both LS and ST should benefit. Unsurprisingly, they do benefit.

Lightning Strike Converts 50% Physical damage to Lightning damage. Converted damage benefits from multipliers to the source type. As such, LS' Lightning Damage also benefits from PPAD.

PPAD doesn't need to be tested, because its effect is already known.
(Life Leech is even easier. Does the Skill deal Damage -> yes -> it works (Damage over Time is not the same as Damage))
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I believe this should be a Strength gem for the following reasons:

  • Scales Physical Damage - I can't think of any other gem in the game that scales physical damage and isn't STR-aligned
  • The gem provides a trade-off of attack speed in return for hitting harder... Hard + Slow means Strength in just about every fantasy setting ever, including this one

I would love to hear some GGG input on why this gem was chosen to be DEX-aligned.
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I think the wording could use a small tweak.

10% less Projectile Attack Speed

Sounds a bit off. Do projectiles have an attack speed? No, but it's worded similar to mods that affect properties of the projectile itself, like "increased projectile speed". That one makes sense, because projectiles themselves have a speed.

It could be

10% less Attack Speed with Projectile Skills

Or even

Supported Projectile Skills have 10% less Attack Speed

Then it would read more like the Slower Projectile Support, which if I'm not mistaken, used to have a wording like PPAD has but got updated at some point to the newer "Supported Skills have..." So maybe the developers are already planning to change PPAD at some point.

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