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This with Blood Rage/Frenzy seems interesting.
If for whatever reason you want more attack sped on frenzy enhance will give 44 attack speed at 8 charges.
A link of BR+Enhance in a +1 item will give 73 attack speed on low life. Now that's scary.
I'm trying to figure out a way to actually sustain the cost of using a skill with all that ASPD.

+6% AS & +36% increased duration for Rallying Cry = useless? I dont think so...
Enhance just isnt as powerful as Empower or Enlighten are.
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The last skill which had a quality bonus where Enhance would've made a difference was Firestorm. Reducing the time between fireball hits by 0.01s per quality was an incredible bonus to Firestorm that was worth stacking.

GGG removed this quality bonus and the last use of Enhance that existed in the game.

The reason why Enhance has no use is because the quality bonuses of every gem is garbage. "1% Increased Area Damage"? I mean really? So great, Enhance is worth "24% INCREASED damage", not even "More" damage, if used together with Firestorm now.

What other quality bonuses do we have now? "Increased Critical Strike Chance"? Why not use the "Increased Critical Strikes" Gem instead of Enhance?

Change Firestorm back the way it was, with the 0.01s reduction in the time between Fireballs. Change all other skill gems to have a more dynamic effect on gems when quality is added. Until you guy sit down and think about how quality can change a gem to make Enhance worth it, its going to continue to be a dead gem.

Here are some examples that didn't even take a few minutes to think of:

Wild Strike
Currently: "1% INCREASED Elemental Damage"
What it could be: "1% Increased AOE per quality, 1 additional projectile per 10 quality, 1 additional chain per 5 quality."
Alternately: "1% Elemental Penetration per quality"
Why?: Honestly, these bonuses should just be a part of Wild Strikes as it levels, but if it were a quality bonus, it would help increase the coverage of the effects all in one gem slot, due to how clunky this skill is to really boost any of them. The Elemental Penetration is an option too, but only if the first one I mentioned doesn't just inherently become a part of Wild Strikes' leveling progression.

Currently: "Increased Shock Chance"
What it could be: "Increased Shock Chance, 1 additional chain per 5 quality"
Why?: Most arcers are crit arcers. I can't imagine there are many arcers that are riding on the "shock chance" instead of just critical hitting their enemies. No one will use an Enhance on Arc because the extra shock chance is so unneeded, and no one will use a "Chain" gem on Arc because it destroys the damage. The reason why I left the shock chance on is so that increasing 1% quality at least does something for the gem per level, and the additional chain is more like a milestone to reach.

Fire Nova Mine
Currently: "1% Increased Fire Damage"
What it could be: "1% increased Fire Damage per quality. 1 additional recast every 10% quality"
Why?: Putting in the effort to increase the number of waves that come out not only greatly increases the time the effect exists per mine, but because each new wave gets a "more damage" multiplier on each repeat, having additional waves will increase the damage even more, to the point where using Enhance with Fire Nova Mine would be a go-to gem for it.

That's just some examples, but I mean there's so much more to think about for every other gem where its quality bonus can be changed to something more meaningful that Enhance would really shine if those changes were made.

Players should want to reach 20% quality with their gems. Most of the time its not worth the gemcutters or time to relevel a gem to have its quality increased, and also not worth using Enhance in the gem socket when most of the time there's a better option for "damage" or "crit chance" or "shock chance" or anything that's currently the quality bonus for gems.
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Does Enhance work with a curse supported by Blasphemy? For example, if I have Temporal Chains linked with Blasphemy, will linking Enhance to that combo increase the effect of the resulting Temporal Chains aura?
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Enhance will improve TC's Quality bonus, same as always, yes. Supports don't apply to other Supports; Enhance's description explicitly mentions it applies to Active Skill Gems.
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So just to be sure: a level 1 Enhance gem will boost all the active gem skills linked to it by 1? So instead of increasing the quality of 2-3 active gems, a "shortcut" would be to simply level up Enhance? (sorry, didn't read it all, I *just* got that gem for the 1st time)
PSA: it is possible to have enhance level 6 (corrupted) in a 3L items http://imgur.com/gallery/R2q3Yx6/new
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Just got this. Any suggested build for me to run?

If Enhance was allowed to increase the quality of support gems by at least half the amount of active gems, it might make for some interesting interactions.

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