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I would love to see the math for level 90 being natural. Maybe if you piety all the way there?

Gems only receive 10% of the xp you do, but without level restrictions.

My math were wrong! I'm a big idiot!

I've used this links for the math
http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Monster_Experience http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Enhance http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Experience

And this formula 1,439,190,228 / (Total Xp / 10).

Piety all the way (Piety only, 12000xp for the gem):120k times.
Piety-Spinecrack-Kole-Inquisitor and skip all the others(35000xp for the gem):41k times
Reach player level X with enhance always equipped N times(roughly):

X -> N
50 -> 263
60 -> 98
70 -> 40
80 -> 17
90 -> 7
100-> 3
Inaccurate actually.
You suffer from XP penalty.
Your gems don't.
1) It provides no benefit at all for a long time using up a gem slot.

2) Once you have leveled it it provides a tiny bonus to an active skill gem.

3) In a couple of years it might reach level 3, congrats the bonus is still not worth it.

Thats how I perceive this 'gem'.

To make it more attractive it should be turned into a normal 20 level support gem that provides 1 % extra quality per level to whatever active skill gem it supports. Could add 0.25% extra quality per quality on the gem.

Other possible fix: it raises the quality of all gems it is connected to, including other supports. It should provide a bonus at level 1 - 4% at least, at level 2 it goes to 12% and level 3 provides 20%.

ya this gem is useless to 99.9999999% of the players. through out the 4 months of nemesis I have never seen a lvl 3 enhance. I have only seen a lvl 3 empower once and that guy is a nolife piety runner.

I don't quite understand the logic for this type of gems. As skill gems in PoE, though hard to max 20, but it's always feasible for a lot of people; just not for this type of gems. don't even mention that a lot of other support gem can beat a lvl 2 enhance anyday (since that's the case for 99.999999999% of the player base).

Like, why design something that's only going to be used by 1 person during the entire 4 month league? At least I have seen multiple Kaom's heart. but this? this is just waste of labours and resources of GGG.
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This with Blood Rage/Frenzy seems interesting.
If for whatever reason you want more attack sped on frenzy enhance will give 44 attack speed at 8 charges.
A link of BR+Enhance in a +1 item will give 73 attack speed on low life. Now that's scary.
I'm trying to figure out a way to actually sustain the cost of using a skill with all that ASPD.
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The biggest use for this I can see is curses, as they can have quite strong quality bonuses and they don't generally need other supports.

For instance, a 20/20 Enfeeble gives 54% less accuracy on its own (used to be stronger, but GGG nerfed the quality bonus for good reason). Throw in a level 4 corrupted Enhance, and it goes up to 72% less accuracy, which is like quadrupling (or more) your own Evasion rating. With +gem level items, you can go even higher, with each +1 adding another 7% to the 'less accuracy' number.
did someone win the "lottery" yet with vaal'ing a lv 3 enhance to make a lv 4... use it in a corrupted item to gain a +1 gem levels... that already had a +1 gem level on it.

lv 6 enhance is +40% quality for a gem =p. although i suppose some people rather do all this with an empower support, weirdos =p.
Can you put this gem on a +2 to LEVEL of SUPPORT GEM item? Does it work and gets you to a LVL 6 Enhance (+40 to quality)?
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Hmmm is it possible that for once, an ARPG dev has made a truly legendary item?!? An item that requires so much effort and time consumption that once it is acquired it becomes invaluable??

Also seems like the devs have made it seemingly impossible to lvl so that it didn't become a staple in every build. The only feasible way to get a lvl 3 is to trade with someone that has done the work for you. That being said, GGG is very anti-"pay-to-win". Keeping that in mind, it makes sense that this super-powerful gem is not only hard to obtain (you have the currency bro?), but very hard to level to usefulness. So although it would "enhance" a lot of our builds, some to the point of God-status, it is not necessary and we can build without it.
Buff to Quality of Supported Active Skill Gems to 68% at 3 lvl
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