1.0.0f Patch Notes

MesostelZe wrote:

I didn't miss that. Since they haven't revealed what those changes will be, it would be totally unfair of anyone to pass judgement on how GGG will end up adjusting the skill at this point. They usually do quite a good job, all things considered, of making sure that the relationship between character power and time invested is strong and reasonably consistent between a wide variety of builds. I don't see any reason for people to panic.

Pull your head out of the sand.

Players stated that the changes to auras would kill blood magic. We waited because GGG said it won't and their groupies said give them a chance............ and it killed blood magic. You are in the exact same situation as before so why would you again repeat this stupid mantra of "wait and see" ?

However, I do agree that it probably needs some kind of nerf. I would much rather a mana cost added to skill activation instead of a CD.
Does anyone else have trouble logging in? I've updated the game but every time i click login i get that a new patch is released. Is it a problem with steam?
Any news on bringing back Guild Stash Tab sorting, or any other possible upcoming guild features?
I hope they'll change the gem from 100% chance to cast every X damage you take to something like X% chance to cast for every 1% of your total hp in damage.
Elitematte wrote:

When you make changes like these.. you should give everyone skill resets since your changes might ruin a WHOLE BUILD which it fucking did for me .. thanks ggg.. i think this is enough for me

I'm looking over the changes, and I'm trying to figure out how these changes RUINED your entire build?


You built completely glass cannon, and were using
Endurance Charges
Increased Duration
Enduring Cry
Immortal Call
Decoy Totem (possibility)

As your ONLY defense mechanism.

And, if that's the case? You made terrible decisions in your build, and should be punished for doing so.

Believing that CwDT was specifically designed to be a "permanent" solution to your defenses, allowing you to not build a passive tree that included other defenses is just silly.

It's beyond silly, it borders on being asinine. The gem wasn't intended to be the only defense you have within your character. I've not even played far enough through to get the option of CwDT support yet on my new chars, and I haven't bothered to do so with my standard chars yet, since I'm playing in Domination. I'm honestly glad that I've taken my time, and that I wont get it until it's been changed.

Then, I wont even notice that there was a time when people thought it was completely acceptable to use a single support gem to fuel their defenses for a character.
Completed 1 Challengeckay27 wrote:
h3rp3s wrote:
If you QQ enough GGG will nerf it. Sad to see the game go down this path.

I mean seriously.. CoDT was just released. The fact that you have months to balance a gem and then change it right after it releases shows a lack of dev planning and organization.

Maybe because it was too good ;/

I admit CoDT is a good gem ! But its not OP, they could just change it, that it has a 99% dmg reduction to spells casted with it, so ppl cant use offensive gems with it and blow every trashpack away.

-They could also change the gem lvl1 would trigger at 90% dmg taken, lvl2 at 86%, lvl3 82% and so on, maybe to lvl20 at 10%, so ppl could or HAVE to level it to be triggered more often.

-For the defense its so cool to not have to press moltenshell and enduring cry all the time. Im enjoing the game way more this way as it was before. Even for new players its easier to "stay" alive with the gem and thats good for the game. U wan´t as many active players as u can get and u wan´t it to be fun for them not faceroll like D3 but its still a really challange to do maps with those crazy mods..

So if they nerf CoDT to the ground, so they could also nerf reduced mana, because cleary nearly everyone is also using it and ist just so OP to have 2 buffed auras running now... and spectral throw could also need a nerf..

- don´t nerf CoDT to the ground
- nerf its "offensive" useability
- change the gem around, high leveled gem f.e. lvl 20 = low % trigger (triggers more often, fe. at 20% dmg taken), low leveled gem f.e. lvl 1 = high trigger % (= triggers at 80 or 90% dmg taken = triggers less often)
- tada u changed it and it can still be used very well.

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GGGs way of balancing right now is : Smash everything with a Giant hammer until its garbage, most people seem to agree that stuff like Enduring Cry wasnt broken , and most of the abusive stuff came through skills like GMP Icespear , Discharge ect.

Maybe they will find a way to balance it in a right way but right now i have lost faith , after the Bloodmagic thing. Sure its way more op than before.
I don't see what they did as a nerf. All it does is avoid infinite loop on some skills. Spells like Enduring Cry and Molten Shell had their own cool down so this change means nothing.

Unless of course the added cool down prevents all spells from being casted at once, which does make this gem a lot less useful. Personally, i think the most OP aspect of it is that spells triggered by the gem do no use mana. That always seemed a bit too good to me.
Yay, random client crashes are back. Will post more info when it happens again at home. It randomly crashed when moving from hillock area to town, while playing at work.
Looking forward to the upcoming patches... Thank you GGG.

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