<ACE> Alpha Crucis Exiles - Oceania Guild (Australia, New Zealand, Asia)

Kaysee wrote:
Zarobeck wrote:
Hey guys, I play in the Domination league and would definitely be interested in joining this guild.

IGN - IAmActuallyAMan

Gday Zarobeck...

Thanks for registering interest in joining our guild mate. Aussie gamers FTW!

Our guild spots have filled quickly, and because we now pay for extra guild places, we have to be a bit more selective now about who we allocate those places to. Our process for this is to ensure our guild members have similar goals our guild primarily focuses on (Nemesis, Racing and PvP)... since your preference is to play Domination our guild wouldn't be the best match for you.

But that's cool, we can help you direct you to a suitable Domination focused AU guild. :)

The following AU guild have some good people in it and would suit your POE preferences:

Guild Name = Oceanic Exiles
Guild Leader IGN = SubReaver (or Subbie)
Guild Officer IGN = dklintz

Try contacting them in game, as they good people and will roll with you in Domination.


No worries about me not fitting into the guild and thanks for the guild recommendation, I'll be sure to check em out.

Hey, I'm a Kiwi looking to join!

IGN: VforVayne
Hey guys, I play nemesis league and am looking at joining this guild. Thanks.

IGN: Kibbarrian
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Hi im in domination but looking to play nemesis sometime in the future xD
add me IGN: Spoonerist
Hey I would love to join you guys if you still have space. Im currently playing on Domination cause I have just been playing solo but kinda want to get into Nemesis with a few other people.

IGN(Domination): Plexuvia
Thanks for all the interest! :)

We have expanded to 50+ members and have decided to formulate some policies to handle our expansion.

We will be updating this recruitment page (the first post) with information in the coming week and we will contact those who have shown interest in joining.
IGN: deefa • Guild: <ACE> Alpha Crucis Exiles - poeurl.com/wpA • Discord: deefa#3298
I'd like to join. Still on my first character, level 58 marauder in domination.

Character name PantsAreForGirls
Put me on the list please. My mates and I play very frequently. Msg Dochta in game or PM me on here. Thanks.
Currently on nemesis league and would like to give this guild thing a go. Would be great if you guys still have extra slots left :)

"Abandon all hope, ye who enter." ಠ_ಠ
Just wanted to say! Awesome race guys on PS4! Ministry; kudos for good coordinating!

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