Reduced Duration

Firestorm launches one fire ball every 0.1 seconds.
Your Firestorm now has less seconds.
What do you expect happens?
This appears to be bugged when used with lightning warp as of the 2.0.2 patch and is no longer causing lighting warp to teleport faster.
Yeah same issure here. I was wondering, why my lightning warp is so slow, Skill is useless now. I hope they will fix it soon :/
My build is weakening and becoming less from reduce
please up 0.5 to 1 per 1% quality
or revert to the previous specification

my trapper biulid used sunblast(80% reduced trap duraton) and reduced duration=100%reduced duration. don't need trigger build.

I can now if i use warped timepiece(8%~12%reduced duration) and 20% less duration.
but that unique dose'nt fit for trapper

please GGG
How much less duration can you get for spells? or anything? im trying out a build.... is there passives that reduce duration or can you stack less duration gem?
Reduced Duration ? Less Duration Support gem,,I hope im in the right place for a question about this gem. Hopefully someone in the know can shed some light on how this gem is bringing some skill gem sets up in DPS by quite a large margin. I only ask because I have literally seen no threads anywhere where Less Duration is used in a 5 or 6 link setup as a damage boost yet it does just that,,,exampe Spark on my witch tooltip jumps by around 5K,,even more than most other damage type supports,,and that aint all folks,,it works quite well with some attack skills too,,ie my bow builds get extra damage on some setups and dropping in a gem that no one else seems to use for damage almost feels like this might not be intended or is it ? because some skills use a duration tag,,,however i dont think i saw burning arrow on the wiki listed as one of those.

Some skills are unaffected while some get massive tooltip increases,,,like spark,,but I dont see how less duration on spark projectiles is good despite the very generous increases in DPS unless some skills just get the extra damage modifier while not being affected by the duration at all,,,,if so then alot players are missing out on some very decent increases in certian skillsets,,,,,,or this isnt intentional. Ive seen this gem first used in burning arrow builds and its insanely good as a support for those,,,how it works or interacts for the increases i do not know but no one else seems to be discussing it,,,:) im old and a tad slow,,laymans terms if anyone knows the how and where this works best.

My example setup that anyone can test is Spark,pierce, faster casting,spell echo, less duration. Result := 7k just from less Duration alone and only a lowly level 11 one at that,,,more damage than any support gem I tested using a tabula just to simplify colors. It trumped level 19,20 gems in every case such as added lightning,cold,,(fire doesnt add anything ) but my point is higher DPS with less skill effect duration;;;sparks last only .82 seconds verses the 1.5 second base duration but do much more damage in close quarters making short work of anything that tries to get close,,im using Spark as a single target skill with these extremely fast hits that seem to make conflux even better :) So am I alone using this in this way ? I know for a fact that some burn type builds use it or else I would have never learned about its possibilities,,I saw it used in a Fire arrow setup quite convincingly I might add :)
Remember when high end gear was really high end !
Classic Audio all the way,olderthandirt and twice as
Grizzly :)
This Less Duration Support gem is a niche gem.

As stated in the poe wiki, it is useful only for some very specific gems setup:

Less Duration is best used with skills that applies the effect a short time after the attack or cast, such as Earthquake, Lightning Warp, Storm Call or Explosive Arrow.

I am currently using Less Duration Support gem with Earthquake gem. The difference between using and not using it with Earthquake is incredibly significant.
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