Reduced Duration

Cudez wrote:
Am definetely going to test this gem with my puncture build. Am really in need of a good gem that would improve the rate of puncture DoT.

thats not what this support does.
Galtrovan wrote:
In terms of beneficial use I would say, Stun and Blind > Reduced Duration and Cold to Fire > Knockback.

I use Leap Slam + Stun + Endurance Charge on Stun.

I've seen guides where Blind is key to the build.

As pointed out in this thread, Reduce Duration + Sun Blast Belt + Traps would turn traps into grenades.

Cold to Fire can be used with Avatar of Fire passive for 100% conversion of cold to fire.

Knockback, I cannot think of a reason I'd ever want to do this at the cost of a gem socket.

honestly, knockback is actually pretty incredible on incinerate, if you intend on using it solely as a 'keep stuff away from me' skill.

blind isn't the worst gem around, but when quality enfeeble exists and isn't random, doesn't require a gem slot and provides a bunch of other huge boosts its hard to find an excuse to use it.

stun is great on ground slam stunlock builds, which might just be the most boring thing you could possibly play. it was also nerfed pretty heavily so it isn't nearly as 'lock' as it used to be.

endurance charge on stun is a massive waste of damage on your leap slam, where you could just use enduring cry instead. i'm not saying it doesn't have a use, just that the use it has is always worse than slapping enduring cry with lv1 cwdt or hardcasting it yourself. leap slamming 10 enemies and stunning them all only provides 1 charge, if it provided 10 it could be used in a wierd melee/discharge hybrid build but sadly it wasn't designed intelligently enough to be valuable to anyone.
Rusery wrote:
Anyone test this with Ice spears transformation into its second form? Likely doesnt work but its worth a try. Id do it myself if i had the gem.

Haven't actually tested but I'm 99% sure ice spear's arming is based on distance rather than time, so won't be affected by duration.
I don't know what it is used for yet, but I know it drops in the Library in Cruel mode. I will find out what it will be used for and let you all know.
My Character is a 58 Witch

The question about the Reduced Duration Gem. It is used for strength for a short time or it can be used for short duration on the totem poles. I timed the first one at 14 to 15 Seconds and with the Reduced Duration Gem it was timed at 11 Seconds from start to finish.
One little question: I understand that Reduce Dur. doesn't influence the damage of the 3 elemental status ailments, right? ...but, what about the duration of the status ailments? I'm interested about the time duration of Shock and Freeze/Chill coz. a mob shocked/freezed/chilled 4 sec. will be much better then a mob shocked/freezed/chilled for 1 sec. (<--- if I level Reduce Dur.)

I'm a trapper btw... ;)
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Status Ailments do not fall under Skill Effects - they are unaffected.
Vipermagi wrote:
Status Ailments do not fall under Skill Effects - they are unaffected.

..ty! ;)
does this affect the duration of the sweep skill?
GGG listens to its fans!!! Thank you!
Sweep is an Attack - it doesn't have a Duration, but a swing time/attack speed/attack rate/etc. Get IAS.
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