Slower Projectiles

Darksparkru2 wrote:
How does this gem effect bow skills? I know that arrows have no duration on them, and just travel a set distance. Does this gem make them arrive at that distance slower?
Yes - the effect of the gem is that projectiles move slower.

If the projectile has a limited amount of time to travel, that results in it getting less far in that time, but that's not something the gem does directly, just a side effect of what the gem does to all projectiles, which is slow them down.
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This gem is great, however not effective enough to really warrant any sort of mechanical difference outside of spectral throw and ball lightning.

Add more sources please (corrupted jewels). I want to see D2 slow missiles shenanigans recreated. Some 100% knockback and pierce creeping spark walls.
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I noticed the buff on Pierce Support Gem in 2.2. So I think it's time to buff Slower Projectiles as well. Both gems support projectiles, and at lvl 20, they all grant 29% more damage to skill gems. On the other hand, however, Slower Projectiles has a huge penalty on the projectile speed, while Pierce always gives you 50% chance to pierce. So I don't see any edge Slower Projectiles has over Pierce under any circumstances (ture, at lvl 1 SP gives 20% more damage, Pierce gives only 10%, but at at lvl 20, they are the same).

I like the way GGG put a penalty on those gems with "more damage multipliers" mod, like Concentrated Effect, Elemental Focus, and Void Manipulation. But for SP, the damage multiplier is simply too low.

Here is my suggestion on the buff:

1) Fix the penalty of less projectile speed to 30% at all gem levels;

2) Increase x% more damage from 0.5% to 1% per level (39% more projectile damage at lvl 20).

A buff on SP would make it an alternative support gem again for ppl who are playing projectiles build to boost their DPS.
1. You can use both. I do.
2. Pierce is entirely detrimental if you want to utilise Fork and/or Chain.
3. Ball Lightning generates more Hits using Slower Projectiles.

But really:
4. Pierce was already fine without More Damage - the problem lies with Pierce, not with SP.
does this still work for Magma orb? i tried linking it with magma orb, but magma orb isnt getting any dmg modifier
on poe wiki the "more" damage multiplier is the same at lvl 19 and lvl 20. is this accurate? if so, is there any point in leveling it to lvl 20?

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