Raptr Q&A answers, new Eternal Laboratory and more news

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So rouge exiles can spawn in the lab now right?

Why would they? Enemies don't even spawn in the lab in general, so I doubt rouge exiles will spawn there as well.

Enemies don't spawn in Vaults of Atziri, but it's possible to have a Rogue Exile spawn there. However, I don't expect them to be able to spawn inside the Lab since it's most likely still a small area.

Oh yeah, I heard about that happening in Standard/Anarchy league with rouge exiles spawning there. Hopefully that doesn't happen this time around, especially in Hardcore.
Superior game, nice updates.
Too bad that the Netcode is pure trash which makes the game kinda unplayble.
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When do we find out the winners of the raptr question contest?
Interesting answer found on the Q&A
" One of our goals is that maps aren't the only way to reach level 100. We're making some changes to the experience equation so that it's at least possible to reach 100 in any end-game content (though that's not making it any faster than it currently is in high maps)."
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I know youve answered a ton of questions and I thank you for that but can we get an update on some improvements for the color blind folks? My friend wants to play but he has to guess which gem goes in which socket :( you can imagine how this would cause frustration
hm, looks like... Solaris Temple? ^^

would have liked that it had at least a bit more ruinous shape - just like a forgotten side area ;)
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hm, looks like... Solaris Temple? ^^

would have liked that it had at least a bit more ruinous shape - just like a forgotten side area ;)

Same. A bit more unique/abandonned look, like the old concept atmosphere. But I think it's because of the release priorities. I hope it may happen.
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Looking great as always!
The Meth Lab

They look like mirrors actually. heh.
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Potentially less than 13 for our developers...

*cracks whip*

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