Ranged Attack Totem

Does a high level totem withstand attacks better than a level 1 totem?

The leveling only increase the duration thats all?
Levels improve the totem's base stats as well (goes for all totems); they become noticably tankier with levels.
Do totems use the aura buffs that you have, or do you need to be near for them to be affected?
Auras and aura-like effects (ex. Righteous Fire) do not effect Totems.
Auras effect you, and totems use the skill 'for you'. If your attack benefits, they benefit.
I have a question regarding passive skill and totem.

I know that totem uses skill for 'me' so, passive skill like '% increased attack speed' or '% increased projectile damage' will certainly have benefit on the totem.

But what about passive skill like '% increased physical damage with bow' or '% increased attack speed with bow', will those also benefits the totem?
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you have to be holding the bow that it "borrows" stats from to use your bow skills, so yes.
I was very disappointed to learn that this support gem doesn't currently support poison arrows! I spent all night playing with them, and getting very excited about the prospect of a totem that would flood areas with poisonous gas for me, and I'm a bit miffed that it's actually not possible yet!

I'm guessing it's mostly just for performance reasons at this point, as I've noticed that spamming poison arrow gas clouds can lead to some minor framerate hits. I'm hoping that this combination will be supported once the developers can find a way to workaround this.

Or is there some other reason why the combo isn't supported? I haven't seen any GGG comments on the subject in this thread, but maybe they've mentioned it elsewhere...?
The reason is a technical one; the Damage penalty cannot apply to the cloud at the moment, so it would be more powerful than intended. It's on the enormous list of Stuff to be Done.
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Ah, well I suppose that makes sense enough! I imagine that could be fixed in relatively short order, though from what I'm reading around the forums, poison arrows have some major optimization issues in general. I won't hold my breath on the totem just yet, but I'm definitely looking forward to it being addressed. Because a poison gas totem would be cool. Super cool.
There's been a lot of talk about adding a construct/golem support summon that uses melee skills. I mention this because it draws attention to the set of skills that are totems and some thematic inconsistency.

Here's what we have:
Spell Skills -> Spell Totem
Ranged Attack Skills -> Ranged Attack Totem
Melee Attack Skills -> n/a

My feedback, aside from advocating the golem/construct idea, is that it's kind of awkward to see totems fire ranged attacks. My suggestion is perhaps it could be redesigned as a Sentry/Turret support gem, this would feel more consistent with the rest of spell=casted attack=weapon dichotomy.

Here's what we could have:
Spell Skills -> Totem
Ranged Attack Skills -> Sentry
Melee Attack Skills -> Golem
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