Ranged Attack Totem

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Last bumped on Sep 17, 2019, 2:27:54 PM
dustofdeath wrote:
And besides that, why is it a strength focused?

most rangers are dex or int based.
eg perhaps swap the stats - lvl 2 is right now 28 str 19dex.

shouldn't it be vice verse at least?
No. Totems are a strength thing. Spell totem support is Str/Int, because spells are primarily int, and Ranged Attack Totem is Str/Dex, because Ranged attacks are (in most cases) Dex. But both of those gems are primarily strength, because the primary purpose of those gems is being totems, which is Str.

Ranged Attack Totem is not primarily a ranged attack, it's primarily a totem, which is Str. A build focused on combining totems and ranged attacks should therefore require both Dex and Str for the build (Str and Int if using wands, technically, but given that dex is secondary it shouldn't lock wand-users out of using the totem).

The purpose of the totem is not to fit directly into all the existing pure-dex ranger builds, but to provide options for mixing a Str-associated thing into a ragned build, thus providing interesting options for other builds, such as bow duelists or elemental bow templars.
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Stretch163 wrote:
So is this Gem working correctly or going to be changed.

I mean it kinda sux that a ranger can use a spell totem and attach a spell to it and this works fine when he has any weapon including bow equipped.

But everyone else that wants to use a ranged skill with the Ranged attack totem cannot as they must have a bow equipped ?
You can use spells regardless of weapon. You can only use attacks if you meet the weapon requirements. The totem does not, and can not, change this fact.

Stretch163 wrote:
So i have a lightning strike build and wish to use ranged attack totem with lightning strike but cannot as my main weapon is melee.
The problem there is that Lightning Strike is a melee attack, not a ranged attack, and there is no Melee Attack totem (nor is there likely to be, for various reasons - as amusing as whiling blades totems would be).

Stretch163 wrote:
Just seems a bit stupid as everyone can use spell totem regardless of weapon so why should Ranged(being the operative word) attack totem be limited to bow users...
For exactly the same reason you can use spells regardless of weapons but using a ranged attack requires a ranged weapon. This is not specific to the totem.
sommarlov wrote:
The fact that this gem requires a bow is kind of off-putting :( Why would I need a ranged totem if im ranged myself? It just adds more DPS, not interesting play-styles. Spell totem works with all weapons, it makes no sense at all that ranged attack totem doesnt!
Spells work with all weapons, ranged attacks don't. The totem can't change that.

The totem uses your skills, which are based on your stats, and in the case of attacks, your weapon. If the ranged attack totem could cheat by fire after you changed to a sword and the skill was disabled, it would be applying that sword's damage to it's arrows.
Coldet wrote:
"Ranged Attack Totem" - I don't get it! Why would wands not be included here? Wands are also considered ranged weapons and they apparently fire projectiles. It seems silly that a wand user cannot make use of a ranged attack totem.
They can. Ranged Attack Totem works with wand skills.
Were you using a skill that doesn't work with wands, but does with bows? Because this is definitely still working for me.
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Coldet wrote:
Edit: Ok so I put Power syphon on the totem and she works. Sad that you can't mix 'n match this though. In my mind "Ranged Attack" shouldn't be binding you to a specific weapon type. But I guess that's just me.
The "Ranged Attack" totem isn't restricting you to a specific weapon type. The skill "Ice Shot", which is explicitly an arrow-firing skill that can only be used with a bow, is restricting you.
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Summoning a totem is inherently a cast rather than an attack. We're aware this makes for less synergy with the appropriate speed stat for ranged attack totem, and there are plans to give other ways to improve totem summoning speed in future.
You are not your totem's party member. You totem is not a member of any party. The totem would share charges with it's party members if it had any, in theory, but this is fundamentally impossible.

Conduit affects party members only, this is intentional.
Anuthutantrum wrote:
Its outdated that this is restricted by the Non Melee weapons as we now have Melee projectile attack skills like Spectral throw.

Please update this to co-incide with the new attack skills.
It's not outdated. That wasn't done for no reason previously, it was done because it's necessary for the totem to work with skills that can be both ranged and projectile, such as frenzy, elemental hit, or puncture. The addition of spectral throw doesn't change anything about that.

We are looking into finding other ways to cause correct behaviour on those skills, but we can't remove that restriction until that's done, and that's not a simple task.

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