Updated 0.11.0 Patch Notes and Deployment Schedule

Please note that the above time is a day later than the Wednesday (NZ Time) that we previously mentioned. While I feel we could deploy at the original time, we're going to allocate an extra day of testing to make sure that everything works properly before we unleash it. I'm sorry about the wait, but we believe the extra day will pay off massively.

We're still easily on time to start the Anarchy and Onslaught leagues at 6pm PST Friday (1pm NZ Time Saturday) as previously mentioned.

Additional 0.11.0 patch notes:
  • The Energy Shield display on the life orb is now a lot larger if you have a lot of Energy Shield.
  • New vendor recipes have been added.
  • Monster life has been increased in early levels and decreased in later levels.
  • Skeleton elemental projectile spells have been reduced in all difficulties (beyond the general monster rebalance).
  • A consequence of the item allocation changes is that if you're playing alone, the labels of valuable items that drop will appear for a few seconds even if you're not currently showing the item labels.
  • We've added some experimental code that triggers a local position resync if you are stunned while desynced by more than around 2 metres. The goal of this change is to catch the situations where you are pinned by monsters on the server without being able to see them on the client. This is a low-impact change that should prevent some avoidable character deaths.

Please spread the word to your friends about the new leagues! Given the number of people that have played the game since January, we're keen to break some server records over the weekend :D
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Oh yay! Desync changes! <3
Yay! Take your time and deliver a crisp patch ty
IGN: Crusnik_
Anarchy: Ele-Wander 81
Standard: LA-Frenzy Ranger 86
There are always good to read. I am interested in seeing how the changes to skeleton elemental projectiles affects my hatred for the Chamber of Sins.
Light as a neutral force.

The new flesh emerges.
nice looking forward to this patch
IGN: xHulk_Smashx

This is a beta and we are all just testers.

I convinced a couple of my friends to come back to PoE for the next patch, looks like we are going to have a lot of fun!
Boulder bros
Thank you for that! All those changes seem meaningful and useful to me and my playstyle :)

ES more visible - very nice! Now about that slightly more noticeable puncture... ;)
IGN: Avlee
I just thought of a new build and now I cant wait till Friday =(. I want the new league now
Sweet. I wish you a smooth testing session!

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