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Hard_Candy wrote:
Necro1269 wrote:
Loving these leagues! But I have a question. Once they have ended, will I keep my challenge tag on my name when I chat in game and post on forums? Just curious. TY GGG!

i came to this thread to ask same thing.
I think i can get 5 with resonable effort and time investment.

I've been tryin to search for the answer too. Is it me, or is this question intentionally avoided? Dont think it should be a "secret" should it? Is GGG worried that if the tags dont stay after the league ends, noone would even bother? *winks*
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I have been reading for a while, but still have some little doubts:

- When Anarchy&Onslaught leagues ends and the characters are transfered to the standart league, what happens with the unique items from anarchy&onslaught? Are they carried to the standart league or they dissapear?

- If every league lasts 4 months, does that means that we have 3 leagues/1 year to get all the challenges?

- There will be some other unique items on anarchy&onslaught or only the 2 rings&amulets (for each league)? Any weapon or something?

Thank you in advance!
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