SerBasterd wrote:
PyrosEien wrote:
Amarena wrote:
Can you Blind uniques? What about bosses?

You can blind everything. Note that some abilities are spells and as such always hit(for example Brutus smash thing) but they will miss most of their normal attacks when blinded.

Are you sure blind works with bosses and rares? I know other similar support gems such as "Chance to Flee" do not say explicitly clarify but they do not work on rares or uniques, and work less effectively on magic monsters. If blind works on bosses, then it should be a *fantastic* spell to use on a boss while in a party, am I right?
I still want to confirm this skill's viability vs act bosses.
Please pardon my bad english
Works fine, on their attacks. Meaning to say it does little against Piety in caster form for example, and Vaal's smash can't miss either so there's a few quirks, but this is easy to test on a boss like merveil who mostly autoattacks you if you stand in melee range, and misses pretty much every hit if blinded+enfeebled.
I have a question. Is there any sense in using this supporter with Unwavering Stance? Will it cause monster to miss still?
Chance to Hit and Chance to Evade are two sides of the same coin. If you have 0% Chance to Evade, monsters have 100% Chance to Hit. Blind increases their 'Chance to Miss', which is 0%.
I knew it wasn't the brightest idea xD
I have just read all 8 pages of this thread but still can't tell, is Blind considered a Debuff?

Was wondering about the effect of Increased Buff/Debuff Duration passives on Blind.

Is this gem like really bad or does no one understand how it works? I don't see blind being used at all
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i use it on my firestorm
my survivability increased a lot. only problem are casters now, but you can dodge their projectiles easier than arrows. blind is great!
ArchersBane wrote:
Is this gem like really bad or does no one understand how it works? I don't see blind being used at all

Been using it on one of my HC merciless builds. Proc's plenty and I can stand in large packs whilst AoE'in fairly safely. Its a hybrid armour/evasion build at the mo, but I might switch to pure armour with IR. Even then I will likely still leave it in because the Blind effect is really strong, imo.

I'm still curious to know if it is considered a Debuff though cause if I could increase its duration that would be super useful.
It would be great if monsters affected by Blind would show it in some visual fashion.

If I could tell which monsters are affected it would greatly improve the gem.

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