KeyBlade: Youtube video (Bragging thread :) )

thx man
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I still own the Keyblade character name, yeah. That's real swag right there.
XvXReaperXvX wrote:
A quote from the support page. No further explanations are going to be given. :P

For players who want to support us with more than $1000, please contact us to arrange a special deal.

hahaha all good =D : For live streams, gameplay, news of me +(.

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haha i saw you standing in town. congratulations.
I didn't watch the vid, but the keyblade is nothing new. Chris has given it out a few times. I remember back in .92, just before the .93 patch, I saw Chris holding it in the shore camp. I said 'nice sword you got there', and he said 'you want it?'. Then he invited me to a party and dropped it in terraces. I showed it off for a bit and then gave It to someone else. So no one should feel like reaper got special treatment or anything.
Charan wrote:
If anyone deserves it, Reaper, it's you.

So how many scrolls of wisdom do you want for it? :)

Hahaha, I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that in the inventory.
Eh, it's sort of an injoke. I saw Reaper virtually begging for Wisdom scrolls in normal global and very magnaminously threw him exactly 1 more than he wanted.

It's that one that I wrote the contract on. Dude now owes me his soul, he just doesn't know it yet. ^_^
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Sorry, it's a still more fun game than Last Epoch, which is otherwise a superior ARPG in every possible way. There is room enough in this genre for them both. And for Diablo 4. Maybe even PoE 1.5.
Interesting sword, but I like your style of narration more, slightly kikoskia-like but with much diffrent accenting, got to see some of those LPs of yours.
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I'm surprised you didn't ask for it to at least have some interesting )but balanced) stats on it. Like maybe, it does little to no damage, but gives you a ton of free evasion.
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Three diamond kiwis, wow o_O I'm not sure I even saw once yet. But I'm on EU time.

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