Consolidated Information & Advice

To keep this forum from getting too cluttered with stickies we're consolidating a number of excellent threads to be accessible from this post. Thankyou to everyone who has contributed to these topics.

~Keeping Informed~

FAQ Read This Before Asking a Question
An extensive list of answers covering multiple topics such as skills, quests, items and general info about Path of Exile, by Dark0mens

[Dev. Commentary] GGG Post Tracker
"To Better Equip You to Stalk the Devs" - an online tool that filters all forum posts down to just those made by GGG developers, by rz2yoj

[Social Media] Twitter/Facebook/YouTube/Reddit
Links for following Path of Exile via social media, by Chris



[Spoofing/Hacks] Hacked Accounts & Security
A list of important account security threads



[Steam Linking] Path of Exile, Steam, and account linking
A guide detailing how to correctly link your Path of Exile account with your Steam account, created by one of our Valued Posters, Sarno


~General Community~

[Forum Ignore] Userscript for Enhanced Forum Experience
For regular forum dwellers, an unofficial script to block from sight other users you keep butting heads with, by ignarsoll

[Avatars] Custom Avatar Art Gallery
A collection of GGG supporters custom forum avatars & their descriptions, maintained by Charan

[Names] Character Name Generators An extensive list of name suggestion tools, maintained by Alysma

Old Links

[FAQ] Answers for New Players
Further advice for new players and frequently asked questions, by Malice

[Mechanics] In-depth game mechanics
A more extensive instruction on the mechanics of the game, by Malice

[Guild] Path of Exile Guild Directory
Find out about guilds in Path of Exile, by Zidjian

[Voice Chat] Path Of Exile Mumble/Teamspeak/Vent servers
Setting up voice chat with other players, by NuclearAdmiral

For further guides and information, please see the Gameplay Discussion summary here.
For technical optimizations and troubleshooting check out the Tech Support summary here.
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