GGG Post Tracker (To Better Equip You to Stalk the Devs)

I've developed a tool to track developer posts across the forums. I wanted a one-stop shop to keep myself up-to-date on the word of Grinding Gear. So here's the fruit of my efforts:

Hopefully you'll find it useful too.

If you find that the tracker isn't picking up posts from someone in particular, send me a PM. The tracker uses a list of GGG posters, so your help keeping that up-to-date is very appreciated.

Lastly, I'm not above donations. If you use this every day like myself and many others do, feel free to throw some orbs my way. :)


The tracker is now open source! If you want to be cool, rather than PM me when someone needs to be added, put in a pull request! I'd love to see some pull requests for new features as well:
Stay up-to-date:
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Great work. This has become one of my few permanent tabs.

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Wow, looks great!
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Thank you very much OP.
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Pm me anytime :)
It is down atm, though I'm sure you know that (2:13AM EST)
DemonicGoblin wrote:
It is down atm, though I'm sure you know that (2:13AM EST)

Yep. Should be back up now though. Like I said, just got this thing up and running so I'm still putting the final touches on it. :)
Stay up-to-date:
My hat goes off to you OP :)
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Welcome to the stalker club!

Nice work.
They havent posted much in the past week...
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Excellent. Thank you OP.

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