Twitter/Facebook/YouTube/Reddit (Updated!)

Updated July 9th, 2012!

Some companies say that they'll post new trailers/screenshots/announcements when they get some certain number of Likes on their FaceBook page. We'd rather post things as soon as we can and rely on the community to follow us on social networks if they want to.

Having said that, we'd really like you to follow us on the following services, if you use them. Please tell your friends, as well :)

Twitter: We frequently post small bits of wisdom to Twitter that only get mentioned on the forums in passing (it'd be weird to start a whole new thread to repeat one funny thing heard in the office). Service updates (patches, downtime, etc) are generally posted on Twitter as they happen. We also occasionally answer questions about the game on Twitter.

Facebook: I'm one of the few people in the world who don't actually have a personal Facebook account, but I hear that our Facebook page is super awesome and we're going to run more cool competitions and other awesomesauce.

Reddit: The /r/pathofexile subreddit is growing in size. To be honest, it's probably easier for certain types of conversations than our forum is (as you can up/downvote specific posts and by its nature it is a tree of replies rather than a list of them). I try to check it every few days to answer things that the existing regulars can't. Please post PoE related stuff (where appropriate) to large subreddits like /r/gaming and /r/games to help spread the word!

YouTube: I'm trying really hard to revitalise our YouTube channel with new content recently. We're doing weekly Build of the Week videos and have some other interesting things lined up. Please subscribe if you can!
Lead Developer. Follow us on: Twitter | YouTube | Facebook | Contact Support if you need help!
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"Like" (Thumbs up Image).
I love virtual brutality so save it for the Mobs...
i ll help you on facebook ,like many my friends

also ,can we expect CB start at 10-15 august ?
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Bulkathos wrote:

also ,can we expect CB start at 10-15 august ?

Lead Developer. Follow us on: Twitter | YouTube | Facebook | Contact Support if you need help!
can you share some more info what you expect to be included in CB,maybe towns ,pvp ,skill system, and other
what exactly is "CB"?
ACE Member.
Closed beta
Cheaper than free... Speedtree
I'm probably the only person who doesn't have facebook.

I don't have twitter either.
I like your FB page since beggining ;)

*thumbs up* !
I wanna hack'n'slash all daaaay long :)
Don't really use facebook or twitter but I have been telling everyone I know about the game for the past like 10 months.
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