0.10.8 Information and Race Updates

We're going to go ahead with the Act Three Merciless changes discussed here. The feedback on this was generally very positive. Most people were in favour of the change, but the players opposed to it brought up some very good points that need to be addressed. We will also be making some changes to maps. We will pay close attention to the results of the changes and may well make further tweaks in point releases.

Likely changes to Merciless Act Three:
  • Merciless Act three zones will be changed somewhat similar to the changes outlined in the Manifesto Post.
  • Maps higher than level 66 will not drop outside of maps.
  • Merciless Piety will get a Map drop slot which may sometimes drop a map.
  • Large chests in Merciless may sometimes spawn as dedicated map chests. These chests may either be rare and drop Maps every time, or common and not drop them every time. This change may be in a later patch.
  • Lunaris Temple Level 3 will be made around 15% smaller.
  • The waypoint before Lunaris Temple Level 3 will likely be moved.
  • The Marketplace waypoint will be moved, and will be predictably close to the Catacombs Entrance.

  • Maps will get signature monsters: one dedicated pack slot with the rest random. This reduces variance.
  • Rewards will be revisited.
  • We are currently investigating implicit mods and new map zones. This will probably not make it in to 0.10.8.
  • Map bosses are being reworked. In 0.10.8 Asphyxia will be redone.

We're looking at rebalancing every skill in the game. The first four are:
  • Puncture
  • Lightning Warp
  • Freeze Mine
  • Discharge

These skills will hopefully be rebalanced in 0.10.8. We're expecting to perform numeric rebalancing and reviewing what their quality bonuses are. If we run into problems. some of them may be pushed to a later patch.

Unwalkable tiles no longer appear on minimap. There may be more changes to the minimap in the near future.

There will probably be a small pathway towards Alira's Camp in the Western Forest. This should make it a little easier to find.

If things go well, this patch will include support for Paysafecard as a payment method on our site.

Season Two Race News

From Season Two event 57 onwards, we've modified prizes so that they go down to lower levels and have slightly increased random rewards.

Here are the current standings in the Season Two signature events. For more information about these and their prizes, check out the original announcement.

grindis123 (Level 31, 6217724 experience)
asdfman (Level 31, 5519620 experience)
essau (Level 30, 4928130 experience)

AlkaizerX (Level 29, 4158347 experience)
Rydek (Level 28, 3719641 experience)
Goratha (Level 28, 3548388 experience)

nugiyen (Level 27, 3382463 experience)
Kurgan8 (Level 27, 3281631 experience)
tagpt (Level 26, 2938848 experience)

Condemned (Level 27, 3165833 experience)
IMDisappoint (Level 26, 2966335 experience)
Veu (Level 26, 2765332 experience)

Krippers (Level 33, 7983586 experience)
Absurdd (Level 32, 6454135 experience)
ssnodgrass1283 (Level 31, 5743966 experience)

eype (Level 29, 4166762 experience)
Powster (Level 28, 3963232 experience)
Invalesco (Level 27, 3442856 experience)
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Have the massive lag spikes that kill off HC characters been fixed yet? No? Shocking. Bye.

EDIT: Follow up after seeing other posts. Saying "I don't know why you complain about desync, all that ever happens to me is a slight desync and I'm fine" is completely ridiculous. I've had some desyncs that are just awful, I'm three rooms away and get teleported back and die instantly. Those types of desync I know about, can minimize, and when I die to them I rage a bit and move on. My last character I killed every single monkey on the screen, and then they all came back to life and instantly killed me, there was LITERALLY nothing I could do to prevent this/survive. I want to play PoE, I really do. And when the MASSIVE desync/lag problem is fixed, I can't wait to play again. I'll play the one month race casually, but otherwise I'm done. I enjoyed the game in alpha, and was excited for "permanent" characters. In reality no characters are truly permanent right now. If you're a HC player, desync/lag is hungry, and one day it will eat you. Peace out.

EDIT 2: To everyone yelling about me for complaining about desync, I'm not. I know about desync, and it barely effects me any more. I have lost chars to desync, but when I do it's because I was reckless. I'm angry about the lag spikes that resurrect mobs that have been killed 5 seconds prior, and instantly kill you. Keep on ignoring my point and yelling at me for something I'm not complaining about please, it's fun. GGG tries, and I'm glad for that, but clearly it has not been enough. I'm sure when the game releases it will be mostly fixed and I can't wait to play again, but for now I'm better off wasting my time/money with another game.
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I'm looking forward to skill rebalancing!
Yes, improvements to endgame!!!
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My lvl89 hc caracter just died yesterday because of a massive desynch. My fault I couldn't leave the game fast enough. Doesn't change the fact that being forced to leave games because desynchs isn't fun. I will maybe play a few minutes here and there when I am totally bored, but I won't be able to seriously play POE again until desynch is fixed.
Last edited by deathmongoose on Apr 30, 2013, 2:59:27 AM
Finally paysafe card support.
I think going through with the changes is a mistake, and fails to contextualize the discontent in the feedback thread. Most of the articulate responses explained why this change has strong negative effects on the low level of the map system, while the positive responses were generally only positive because the players felt they would have a better shot at accessing the map system. Other positive responses included those who prefer to get higher level by opting in to easier content, and while this will certainly be a result, it worries me if these changes are concessions to those players.

Is there not some way to improve availability of lower maps without padding out Merciless?
Last edited by Uvne on Apr 30, 2013, 3:10:16 AM
At least Docks will be worth more now.
If things go well, this patch will include support for Paysafecard as a payment method on our site.

Chris Wilson i love you if that finally makes it
Last edited by Kamro on Apr 30, 2013, 3:10:51 AM
That desync keeps killing all my chars in hardcore... Well all my chars are dead and I'm starting a new one and so far that desync.. I hope you guys can fix it.

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