Race Season Two Announced!

If you'd like a reminder about how race seasons work, please read our original Season One announcement here.

Season Two caters towards more timezones. Players in Australia and New Zealand now have evening events they can play! We'll be running a total of approximately 260 events, rather than the 109 in Season One.

There are more unique item prizes to win. They start lower (the first one is at seven points, rather than 15) and scale higher (there are rewards all the way to 1000 points now, rather than cutting out at 480). We've tried to pick prize uniques that taper up to being stronger than those from Season One. While we're certainly not giving out Kaom's Hearts at this stage, you'll hopefully find that these alternate art uniques continue to rise in value once they're unavailable.

In addition to the unique items you get for reaching various points thresholds, we're now giving random unique spot prizes for participation at the end of each race. They are given to people randomly based on how many points they earned. Players who achieve more have a higher chance of receiving one, but anyone who earnt any points has a chance. The exact uniques and their quantities given out per race will be shown in the forum thread that describes the race. The uniques are from the same set that the Race Points award. Later events in the season will probably give out small quantities of higher uniques from the prize pool.

We're also running a type of event called a "Signature event" this season. For Season Two, it's a 135 minute solo event that we will run approximately 45 times throughout the season. At the end of the season, the results of all of the signature races will be pooled together. We then pick the top three experience values for each class and award them an alternate art Demigod's Triumph. This means that your record experience value in any signature race is what matters for that prize, and you'll win the prize if your record is still in the top three of that class at the end of the season. It's entirely possible that you can win the prize if you do extremely well in the very first race and then play no other events (providing your record doesn't get beaten later in the season). This gives people who don't play a lot of races a chance to demonstrate that they're better than everyone else and receive the same type of prize that overall season winners would receive. A player's best result for each class is considered, so they can't win #1 and #2 in the same class.

Favourite race types from Season One (such as Ancestral leagues) will return as well as a variety of new types that we will add throughout the season. Season Two contains a one-week and a one-month race which do not overlap with each other but do overlap with other events.

Our goal for Season Two is to iterate heavily on the overall format and prizes for the events so that they are rewarding without being mandatory to attend. During the season we will implement many new event types to run in Season Three.

Season Two uses the same Open Beta Demigod's Triumph that was used in Season One. It has new flavour text for this season. We're considering replacing it with a new item for Season Three and Four.

At the end of the season, the top 20 players by Season Points will receive an alternate art Demigod's Triumph. All 135-minute solo "signature events" will be examined and the top three experience values for each class will result in that player receiving an alternate art Demigod's Triumph also.

Unique items with alternate art will receive their own 3d art in-game. We have almost finished the 3d art for Season One items. Some of it can be seen here. We will add in the 3d art for Season Two items later this season so that they can be displayed in their full glory.

The schedule of Season Two events is here. A ladder showing the placings of players in Season One and Two is .
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Last edited by Qarl on Apr 17, 2013, 7:45:02 AM
oh man those prizes are p cool. time to quit my job so i can race full time.
Last edited by Zerovirus27 on Apr 17, 2013, 1:00:39 AM
Nice, I'll be checking in for them.

EDIT: MY god.. a 1 month race, a marathon!
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Last edited by D4wdl on Apr 17, 2013, 1:04:31 AM
Holy shit tabula rasa. I hope I don't have to be super uber pro to have a chance at that.

but I probably will : (

Is that unique art? I can't tell.

e: Looks like I somehow have to earn ~9 points per day if I want that thing. And I have no group of people, so parties are out, and I'm not an *%uber pro race master~, and I don't do hardcore. I guess I just man up?
Last edited by Dreggon on Apr 17, 2013, 1:05:16 AM
That 6L Tabula Rasa..my god..that is all.

edit* Just noticed..this is a reverse Koams.
Last edited by Phayzed on Apr 17, 2013, 1:02:18 AM
Awesome stuff, I'll hopefully cut my death ratio in half (of course not)! I'm looking forward to better point scaling for the various flavour races.
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Amazing Keep up the good work GGG!
Dreggon wrote:
Holy shit tabula rasa. I hope I don't have to be super uber pro to have a chance at that.

but I probably will : (

Is that unique art? I can't tell.
in season 1 top player had slightly over 1000 points, though 109 events

in season 2, there will be 260 events. 1000 points should be reachable if you're good at racing
Last edited by Zerovirus27 on Apr 17, 2013, 1:03:16 AM
for the signature event, doesn't it seems weird that if a person already won 1 race, that you would give them the same reward at the end of the season for having the best time? assuming you get a demigod for winning individual races still. i like what your doing with the signature event, just the prize seems weird since they will already have 1 (you cant wear 2 helmets).

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