0.9.10e Patch Notes

can't play the game anymore... the client updates but when progress bar reaches 100% client shuts down...
Is it just me?
(i'll try with another PC this evening... hope it's just an issue of this computer...)

EDIT: retrying launching the client i noticed that progress bar goes from about 34% to 100%... seems like something's missing...

RE-EDIT: noticed that "client.exe" process in task manager turns to a "client.temp" when client shuts down. Killing the proces and relaunching client doesn't help.
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(i guess he didn't have a beta key...)
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lord_dash2 wrote:
I've never used CI...is this a big 'nerf'?

man thats a pimp avatar you have there^^

its the sword form diablo 1?

Holy crap, you just made me realise how similar to the intro of Diablo 1 my avatar is.

That's awesome!


I hear GGG buffed CI to 80% a patch or two ago to see if people would use it more...and they did. Serious carrot and stick business.

...now that is how you capitalise on happy beta testers.

Seriously though, it's like I said elsewhere: better that the upper limits of the difficulty are tested on us than on the Open Beta influx, because unlike us, they ain't gonna stick around if the game is their idea of waytoofrigginhard.

And you all know I love how difficult it is right now; just being realistic about what I see as the likely peak of the bell curve.
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I don't see any difference to "Full Screen" and "Windowed Full Screen".

Taking a Break and Playing D2 again
Coldet wrote:
I don't see any difference to "Full Screen" and "Windowed Full Screen".

Same, the reason I use windowed is so I still have my taskbar available, but it disables it like in fullscreen =)
Uff, I was slowly building my Ice Shadow towards CI, now with this nerf I lost all will to continue. Goodbye PoE until Open beta.

Aww man, keep nerfs this huge until you bring up a major patch or give us an announcement beforehand like you did in the past! Bringing CI down to 50% is huge and may make the build I was leveling into useless.

I wanted to get my build going today after a day of work and now have to see that an important keystone passive got "stealth"nerfed, quite the bummer...especially considering that in contrast to major patches no skillpoint refund has taken place.

For clarification: I have absolutely no problem with this kind of adjustement (it was necessary anyway) but with the fact that I had no chance of preparing my character beforehand gearwise or by trying another build.
Chris wrote:
Version 0.9.10e
  • We've added support for "Borderless Fullscreen Windowed Mode" in the graphics options.
  • The options screen has been rearranged to make it more intuitive.
  • The Chaos Inoculation keystone passive skill now grants +50% Energy Shield rather than +80%.

You left off another feature(?)

  • Re-enable the Hide Global Chat bug

At least for me... ;-)
Coldet wrote:
I don't see any difference to "Full Screen" and "Windowed Full Screen".

All terms used are not professional terms, I'm sure I'm committing some sort of IT sin here calling things as I do ;P

Windowed fullscreen or borderless full screen eliminates any window and boundaries from the game, but it still actually runs in windowed mode, meaning it just overlays your desktop. Both the desktop and the game are being "drawn" by your computer at the same time. This means more resources are being drawn from the computer to manage both at the same time.

"Pure" fullscreen mode dedicates your display to the game, not drawing the desktop anymore. Some functions still run in the background, but as far as Windows is concerned, the only thing that is processed graphics wise is the game itself, not the desktop.

The best way to see the difference, if you are on a relatively fast PC, is to alt-tab form both fullscreen and windowed fullscreen mode. In the former, you will typically see a momentary flicker and your monitor will be black for a second or two as the application is being minialized and the desktop "drawn" by the graphics card again. In the latter, the switch between the game and anything else you have running will be instant and the game will still be drawn in the background by the OS.

It is mostly visible on lower-end system, where devoting the GPU to just the game gives you visible performance boosts. On higher end systems, using windowed fullscreen is optimal as you can alt tab without a hassle to anything else, even overlay a browser over he game and still see whats going on in the background. Borderless windowed mode is very useful for me for instance, since I tend to alt tab a lot while I work, but have enough spare time in between tasks to play the game. This way I can both work and keep an eye on the game, plus alt-tabbing is faster, while I still get to enjoy the game in "full screen" (as in without the "Path Of Exile" window name and window borders" when I play it.
Torin wrote:
Uff, I was slowly building my Ice Shadow towards CI, now with this nerf I lost all will to continue. Goodbye PoE until Open beta.

yeah, maybe only getting like 11k ES instead of 12 or 13 is HUGE. lol.

the main advantage (i play only HC) is IMO the immunity, with ES gear and ES aura u should be fine.
Thanks for the clarification - jamnik_pucek
Taking a Break and Playing D2 again

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