3.24.2 Hotfix 4

Don't worry guys, they are just trying to make the transition to PoE 2 a little easier, they figure if they can match the drop rates to be inline to PoE 2 or their big "Ruthless vision" it won't be as dreadful. Give us instant trade already at the very least, the outdated trade system is half the issues we are dealing with, things wouldn't be anywhere as bad if we could buy from people and not have to party up and go make the trade ourselves, no more dealing with AFK or non responsive people. No reason to make us wait for PoE 2 for that trade system, make it go live now and start testing it ahead of PoE 2 so any kinks in that can be worked out before that comes out.
Forget about this failure league and work on the next one to be sooner-better :=)
Miss old MF so much(the one before Affliction). Really want to see less difference in profitability for T16 and T17 farmers. Now it's not balanced at all.
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What are these mythical T17 maps everybody is talking about here? O_O
Thanks for nerf this trash strat. No thanks for waiting too long
T17 meat farming was hard, fun and rewarding. It was the only thing still keeping me playing this league. You decided to stop it for me :) thanks, i guess, was putting a bit too much time into the game
yeah, waiting for the next league. this one didn't make it.
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Sign out of the league
I'm having fps drop to around below 30
Well, this is great. Now Im just CTD after char selection. Pack checked, still no dice. Going to reluctantly update gfx drivers.
Arunderan wrote:
What are these mythical T17 maps everybody is talking about here? O_O


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