3.24.2 Hotfix 4

It would be super nice to hear from Mark again about the state of the league. Maybe, address some of the nerfs or address any of the litany of complaints that the majority of average players are having. From the outside it appears you guys are just sitting back and waiting until a 1%er finds a loot strategy that resembles how the game used to play and then you guys nerf it. If its for the better, then fine... But surely someone realizes that losing the sextants which gave us 4 mapping upgrades per map plus 4 scarabs per map (8 mapping upgrades per map) to then give us back 4 mapping upgrades in the form of reworked scarabs will cut our ability to generate consistent mapping strategies. To then show us these incredible possibilities with upgraded scarabs and turn right around and nerf everything we find seems a bit shady. It's a bit of a bait and switch to get us to buy into the league. The stranglehold you all have placed on currency this league is not sitting well with the community.

I postulate that to a large extent, the lowered prices of headhunter and so forth are also largely due to the fact the people who need these items simply do not have the currency on hand to buy them when they are appropriately priced. In the words of Barron Harkonnen "let the spice/currency flow. you guys have turned the economy upside down a bit and only enabled the rich t get richer and the poor to get poorer. A gameloop of using cheap scarabs to find better scarabs to find more scarabs and maps to repeat just isn't fun. In hundreds of maps I've still not once seen this mythical divine drop haunted crap that was clearly advertised for the league. I get that nerfs are necessary for balance but Jeez. I feel like were dogs begging for scraps and when we find them you take them away and act like we are being crazy for looking for ways to survive. You can't starve us and then act indignant we try crazy methods to just find a chaos shards here and there.

Please please please do another magical interview with someone and address some issues and give us hope. Your silence is speaking volumes about your apathy with this league. Your interviews were amazing and gave us hope. Your silence is doing the exact opposite. We have no idea if your going to improve the situation or just let it go as a failure.
ZarekSouga wrote:
I wonder if GGG is even playing their own game. it just seems like with all these changes, they're watching OTHER people play their game (aka streamers), and making changes based off that.

because clearly if they played their game in t17s, they would know:
-how bad t17s are for most builds, especially niche builds,
-how annoying it is to roll t17s to run,
-how bad the change is for veiled chaos orbs,
-how bad the clutter is for coffins,
-how bad it is to setup the grave craft,
-and how bad/annoying it is to pick up scarabs.

am I missing anything bros?

Well... they've said over and over that they won't want you to run T17s. T17 is the tip tip top of the game. You are NOT SUPPOSED TO get there with a niche character. It's not meant for you got clear without specifically building and overcoming the wide plethora of challenges that this creates.

Furthermore, if you do manage to create a character that can clear it. You should be getting rewards for it. You're overcoming challenge and adversity for rewards. This is EXACTLY what POE players have been asking every single league, league after league. Make challenging content rewarding.

Veil Chaos change had very little effect on the end-game crafting systems. The cost should not be as high as it is. People aren't farming veil orbs. I know because our guild does farm them and the drop rate is totally fine for the speed with which you complete the pre-requisites (assuming you're investing into getting Cata fights). The price of veil orbs is a direct reflection of market trends. People don't farm Jun / Cata, or if they do they're not doing it efficiently (Cata fight every 3-4 maps). The fact that Veil orb can be purchased directly is a HUGE BOON to the game. You don't have to go to TFT or any other TRUST BASED system to complete your endgame crafts.

As far as league goes, for sure Grave crafting is tedious as heck, but the results you get back are absolutely incredible! You can make items this league that have never and will never again exist, and compared to the previous ways of making high end items this league is an absolute DREAM. Can you imagine, I can set up a graveyard in under 3 hours and get back 5 - 6 mirror tier items? Absolutely INSANE.

And the thing that everyone has said as a negative, Headhunter is 5 divines. What the hell!!! THATS AMAZING!! Headhunter is a truly build enabling item. The low cost and accessibility of it makes the league an absolute dream for casual players. Folks that can't get over 60 divines in a normal league are now smashing around in magebloods and headhunters. Kalandra's touch, an absolutely BONKERS item is accessible by nearly everyone. It's stunning how much we can do in this league with build creation.

Affliction was the best league until this one. Now we can do whatever content we want, hyper focus on it, and get rewarded for it. I'm loving it because I don't care about the folks posting stacks of mirrors and stuff. I'm just happy my own build is able to finally clear content that I've never found to be even close to approachable.
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somehow these updates feel like a spit in the face even after i've quit the league.

you guys hit the mark. pun intended.
I am not a fan of your hotfix nerfs mid league. Either hotfix it immediately or let the league just run with it for the couple months. People are pointing out bugs, that require more attention to be fixed. This one kind of ruins it for people that weren't able to farm it efficiently and are now late to the party and falling further behind. :)
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Hahah gotta like how people hate bugs being fixed just because they can get more currency. If GGG would listen to you [Removed by Support] every player would get 100 mirrors on day 1 and quit the game by being boring. But yea than again you would cry AGAIN :P
More stronger and less white pollution screen mobs = heathier game experience.
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Mid league loot nerfs are the opposite of catch up mechanics.
Don't listen to all these cry babies in the replies :) Keep fixing the game at your pace!
disappointed customer
iEatÄss wrote:
Don't listen to all these cry babies in the replies :) Keep fixing the game at your pace!
I see toxicity is still p rampant.

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