3.24.2 Patch Notes

Fix terrible performance since 3.23.2.
delete mf
i miss her
delete magic find pls. they keep breaking the market and ruining the game for solo players
Remove group play quant and rarity bonus, delete Headhunter, let the Deadeyes use scarabs for portals ....
"delete magic find and party player"
Sounds like a skill issue for those people xD
Stop cry for MF and Party

If you want to play alone, do it. But in group play, coordination, etc. It has to be an incentive for group work, we all know how to build a dps build and spam maps over and over again, but make a 100% crazy map with 6 people and spend +10 div in a single map so that as you enter a person dies and that map must be closed, the majority is not even counting on it, perhaps they do not even know how bad it feels

BS, i played in party in past league, nothing hard here, and this league much more easier in terms of juice, this league in party one map takes u like 5-10 minutes to run as 5 man (including loot) and absolutely 0 risk to die, if u are not afk or something :D and telling stuff like "oof we pay 10 div per map sheeeesh" yea but full party farm like 3-4k divines per 50 maps think about that xd
If you guys could delete magic find and party buffed loot then this game may be cool for everyone
still no heist scarabs?

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