3.24.2 Patch Notes

DotanIchiban wrote:
please remove mf gear from the game , thank you

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-Stackable corpses when?

-X on corpses to remove them on maps if you dont want to pick them up or make them transparent so you dont have to collect them to pick up loot behind them?
league/patch is purely for Party MF, no sense use many type of scarabs solo/duo
Nice with all these scarabs!
Leave their loot alone:) Expenses for juiced party play should be like "X amount of players in group". One player pays one scarab of each type, two players pay two of each and so on.
Hossedos wrote:
no one already playing this league....

if this replay wasn't on page 49 to a fresh post, there would have been an argument.

~25 pages are just people complaining about Steam, but also, do you have a good statistic on major league patch and comments vs player population?

I don't see 50 pages as meaning anything in particular, especially when half were complaining about broken updates.

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