3.24.2 Patch Notes

Delete mf and party play pls ty
patch xueta
how about finally adding ctrl+shift+click analogue for fast placing similar currency into stash?))) looks like your QoL changes miss something, don't you think? it's a basically obvious feature to imagine, if you trade one single time for a big amount of currency...
Ty for all these bug fixes!


I literally haven seen a single reliquary key or valdo box all league. Picked up over 50 div on the ground... but not a single one of those.

Sooo... yayyy? 300 more valdo options? Whoopie?

Added 300 more foiled Tier 17 Valdo's Map options that the Valdo's Puzzle Box can yield.
Guys, take a look at server instability in SA please!
Make PoE 1 offline mode when PoE 2 comes out.
moonmidnight wrote:
Keshr0 wrote:
Any news, or any word at all, on the servers instability and very poor performance? You are uncomfortable silent on all the forum posts about this.

hmm what instability?
Ive been playing on paris + milan [from germany] and had no problems so far this league.
also dx12 is working so smooth, getting the best performance atm since years

Look on the tech forum. Lots of people getting 120ms and up on servers they normally would get 20-60 on. Zones randomly double the ping and random disconnects. Happening both on EU and US servers, but mostly EU. Just seriously. Go read the forum.

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