3.24.2 Patch Notes

keeps updating on number 3 update already still cant play
Please either nuke magic find or stop balancing rewards around the Twitch Streamers. This league doesn't feel like a game where we kill monsters, it feels like a game where you build economy and items now.
Yep, the game is still version 3.24.1
Did I miss something or are we supposed to be downloading 3 separate patches...
no mageblood tonight by the looks of it... :-(
no nerf div scarab? RIP league.
This happens every Tuesday on Steam, its not GGG.
Killer patch
cant get steam to update so i can get on lol
Steam client keeps downloading the same patch over and over and over again and the game keeps telling me to "update"...
I wish there'd be some clarification regarding the "modifier tier rating" corpse because right now, nobody really knows how it works and the description is vague. For example, a modifier on a bow like phys dmg leeched as life which has modifiers "phys" and "life", if you use the rating corpse, how is the roll chance distributed?

Is it distributed among its' own mod?
Or is it distributed among all phys and all life mods?
If so, is it distributed evenly?

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