3.24.1 Hotfix 3

I have been playing since Crucible, and i don't understand why you remove funny things from game. Why not instead buff the things that no one wants to play or that are too expensive? When I first started, I was scared to pay for a Div to try Uber Maven, and now it costs 10D. How are people who are just starting out supposed to even try it with such an absurd price? Why don't you fix this instead?
stop it please, GGG (TENCENT) !!!
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Nice. I want to say that I still like GGG to add new things and then brick things and then fix stuff than giving complainers ritual forever or some shit.

GGG baseg, reddit D4
where is breach ring craft in necropolis grave?
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hoho so the saying goes.
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the most funny thing is that they are harassing solo players but not nerfing party players.The real disaster are party play that ruins the economy every league...league by league... and they dont want to take the bonuses and multis from party play. just nerf the game for everyone else.Retention numbers says everything,but they dont look at them at all.how league can be worser then Kalandra.
GGG please do something with party players and bring back fun or you will loose your fanbase that is getting lower league by league.!
Do we need to start submitting bug reports to GGG when loot drops?
it seems like that's a bug that needs fixing...

Did you hear that sound? it was the sound of loot dropping!
Oh no that sound incurs the GGG loot hunters to hunt down why loot dropped and remove it!
Can we cancel the type of body
Okay but buff when? Like i have 9 days of playtime 0 divine lantern dude
Each new patch adds more and more fear, will they change your strategy or not? Will anything else break? hh-10chaos? mageblood- 1div? gl all, just go-go over farm....

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