3.24.1 Hotfix 3

Steel no t17 rework so it will actually be a gap from t16 to ubers but no HARDER then uber bosses
No changes to dd mobs that oneshot every charracter no matter what gear they have.
No rework for how league mechanic works so people actualy can see some div/exalt conversion or sear without abuses...
Etc etc etc.

Buuuuut if the see that someone got to much loot they not reworking it - they just almost delete it from the game ....

Its such fucked up (but its as always as ggg working).

Also when in interview you say that you care and you are director of game and all actions from company says in future opposite - its just lying - and its not passive agression Neon - its a facts

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Chris would be very disappointed. all these exploits would never last more than a couple of hours in the game when he was in charge. every hotfix this league has been too late.
Dang, just disappointment after disappointment. Heartbreak after heartbreak.

What happened to PoE and GGG? They both used to be so good. Now its just like so low quality and just downhill. Do they even care about this game anymore? I'd be happy if they just came out and stated otherwise.

Honestly PoE2 is going to be such a letdown with how things have been going for past couple leagues and is such a shame. What could've been a promising league and high expectations for PoE2, down the drain.
everyone quit because its just nerf this nerf that nerf this nerf that , no thanks lol
ye. Great dead league. Good job ggg
And essence monster still don't drop essences sometimes and +1 haunted tier modifiers don't work if you have the node on the tree.

No fix only nerf.
wanted to farm juiced expeditions, scythe and sun logbooks 10c lmao

why bother nerfing it? the economy is f!#&"d already anyways
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Another nerf for solo players, parties still loot hundreds t0 uniques per map. Good job Mark.
Fixed a bug where Allflame Ember of Sulphite Packs could drop extra Sulphite when having the Mining Byproducts Atlas Notable allocated.

You mean "Azurite", not "Sulphite"? Seriously?
Zero tolerance to fun philosophy.

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