3.24.1 Hotfix 3

ggg killing the game.

I love how they are so quick to nerf aspects of the game but they do absolutely nothing to fix t17(which are harder than Ubers and 5th slot locked behind them). The actually league mechanic is forced on you with no opt out and the chances of actually hitting a good mod is super rare(all the mods are doing really is making the game harder in general and forcing people to quit. Let’s not forget you either have no life and job and were able to abuse one of the exploits before it got patched and have currency for days or you are like me and have had 1 divine drop and I’m level 98. How the fuk can you build a proper endgame character when u can’t get currency without exploiting the game and if u want that 5th slot on map device GL.
These type of changes really hurt SSF/SSF-lite players the most. Unfortunate.
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Ayyy, the strongbox bug on T17 with Exarch Mods not fixed yet.
thats a shame. Atleast they acknowledged they are looking into it in the bug reports.
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So many "fun" players here 😂. Great work GGG, keep it up! The game is surpassing it's best state yet, patch by patch!
MadBone91 wrote:
The game is surpassing it's best state yet, patch by patch!
"End of March makes 3 months and 21 days which is almost 4 months and not 3 1/2, get your math right hoho."
if U nerf every mechanics and every fun there will be fun left for next league ?
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Hokko_Askiras wrote:
Kinda fun see this reactions in comments. Fixing bugs = bad, not fixing bugs = bad. Looks like ppl cant just chill and play game lul

good to know both of those fixes above are considered bug fixes for you. Because from where I stand only the sulphite seems like a bug fix while other being straight nerf.

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