3.24.1 Hotfix

daed league
daed gaem
Delete quant/rarity bonuses for party players. Stop choke solo players with this nerfs. GGG stop ruining the economy.
in the scale of insanity, forum and reddit replies as a whole becomes more like Uncle Ted’s manifesto with every hotfix going by lmao
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d4 bad
cynic1984 wrote:
there are way too many scarabs. the pool is so large that its difficult to get enough of one scarab to sell in bulk when u need hundreds for a single divine. its better to vendor useless scarabs in hopes you get something useable. im already sick of seeing scarabs drop. its literally path of scarabs now and maybe three are actually interesting but they never drop and if they do you cant utilize them to their potential like a streamer so its better off to sell them. just looking at the scarab tab gives me anxiety its so cluttered and ugly when it used to make a lot more sense. you cant tell if a scarab is good just because its higher tier art. giving scarabs wings and horns and all that should mean something but they are all just so lackluster. there is potential for scarabs to be even better than they were but its not by bloating it with old sextant mods like mysterious barrels that nobody would miss

I totally sign the point about selling the rare ones you find.

If you cant afford to fully juice + and run multiple such maps with the dedicated tree, than its a complete waste.

They need to adress the weightings, there is to many crappy ones, that are just clutter or vendor fodder.
Please look into the rewards of Betrayal syndicate members next. It's worth re-adding back the identity of the mechanic, as clearly "Scarabs" is not it anymore.

Ventrua has posted an amazing video approaching the issue more in-depth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THczPIt8CxI
Her beauty did not fade
her humanity did not survive.
What a crappy show this league is... May as well tell us to stop playing.
Thx Ben for continious testing and bringing balance to the force.
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Another mid league nerf ... sigh.
after streamer abuse it. casual player get fk with the nerf.
always top 1% get to enjoy all the stupid bug. this league is already dead since the first few mega juicing all flame rogue. should have let everyone get the easy loot not only those streamer that abuse it first. the rich get richer the poor stuck trying to even have proper gear to enjoy. SUPER POOR LEAGUE UPDATE

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