3.24.1 Hotfix

3.24.1 Hotfix

  • Tormented Spirits no longer spawn from the "Eternal Torment" Atlas Passive Notable while having "Back to Basics" Keystone allocated.
  • The Eternal Torment Atlas Passive Notable Skill can no longer spawn more than one Tormented Spirit per Corpse. This change only affects parties.
Last bumped on Apr 17, 2024, 4:25:26 PM
RIPBOZO Dirtay ghosts
Last edited by Failbear on Apr 15, 2024, 5:05:55 AM
Im glad I quit this league, nothing but nerfs all around
Fun workaround to get loot: Works
GGG: You dare to defy me mortal?
Thanks for the notes!

Though, I think we may be missing a note for the bugfix related to re-opening the map device, re-rolling the back to basics modifier value?

Yet another unpaid Path of Exile 2 Alpha Tester.
Last edited by TwentyFiveEX on Apr 15, 2024, 2:11:27 AM
where's the new scarabs? we need them to revive the league and farming
When's the "hotfix" to remove the monster types from corpses? It's tedious and shouldn't be a thing, then let's have stackable corpses as well, let's bring some positive changes to the league on top of the mountain of nerfs.
nice work, thanks
made a new character for meatsack farming - farming is nerfed.
What about the constant ping spikes and players kicked out of he game? Whe are you going to fix that? It's affecting the entire community and making the game unplayable. Are you planning a fix on that at all?

You can see the hundreds of posts all over the internet about this. At least write a post to let us know what to expect.

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