3.24.1 Hotfix

nerf all farms, interesting league. Was bad idea to comeback after skip 2 leagues
Didn’t sell my meatsacks in time this time :( have moved on to ruthless though.
IGN: JerleNecroDD/JerleNecroRuthless
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
How will POE2 and POE coexist?
HybridEnd wrote:
nerf all farms, interesting league. Was bad idea to comeback after skip 2 leagues

What are you talking about? still have a lot of huge farm. stop copy paste streamers farm strategy man. Find another huge abuse and use it, lol. this league for it.
dig up the bone POE
Worst league ever lol. I regret that I bought the support pack this league...
Today I was thinking about leaving the league, this just helped me make my decision, see you in the next league guys! Its noted that the true devs of Poe is in Poe2 now.... All farming strategies were nerfed one after another. If you don't want people to play and farm just turn off the servers or making this league SSF only i think
Good league. But 0 loot from solo mf :( 2million mobs. 100div drop...div card awesome-rare drop idk how to play
Vigelant13 wrote:
What about the constant ping spikes and players kicked out of he game? Whe are you going to fix that? It's affecting the entire community and making the game unplayable. Are you planning a fix on that at all?

You can see the hundreds of posts all over the internet about this. At least write a post to let us know what to expect.

Search for disabling sound in the config files. That fixed my issue with ping spikes entirely! After confirming this was the issue, I have enabled a few sounds again to make the game enjoyable
.hope it helps!
Great job, GGG. Instead of trying to somehow revive an ALREADY dead league (only 2 weeks out of 4 months have passed), you continue to bury this league deeper and deeper into the ground. This league is a disappointment, ANY player would call it, if not the worst of all time, then at least one of the worst. There is no endgame in this league (or rather, as soon as players find it, nerfs come out), there is no variety of builds: if you want to beat bosses - ONLY Hexblast, if you want to beat maps (why???) - Deadeye LA/EH and... that's all. Thank you for your "vision" and the final degradation of the game, keep it up.

more damage to overall trade league, ssf is great im sure.... my only feedback is to consider how changing things affects everyone... the league is moving thing....and at this point league is starting to shape into having either the poor or rich only in a already fading playerbase

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