Content Update 3.24.0 -- Path of Exile: Necropolis

Primeiro Mageblood dropado na Necropolis no Lava Lake Map T8!
Primeiro Kalandra touch dropado no Standard testando uma MF :(
Rip Tornado shot , Log out
no aura reserve / aura effect tattoos? actual skip league
Ditt j*vla flöte Danne!!
Looks PoG
Wer nichts weiß, muss alles glauben.
Storm Brand of Indecision nerf cast time of 0.75 seconds (previously 0.35 seconds) is stupid... why ...
The Veiled modifier that provides reduced Mana Cost of Skills during Effect can no longer be unveiled or crafted on Flasks.

i cant wait to play it
"Ah, salutations my children... are you ready for your daily dose of smooth jazz?"
kinetic bolt change is way to fucking much, thats not a nerf that's just basically deleting the skill like wtf

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