Content Update 3.24.0 -- Path of Exile: Necropolis

revert LMB
What happens to existing master missions? Poof?
Can the remaining Master Quests be compensated back?
Has the new transfigured gems details been released?
Am excited for those skillss...

please share it, if have the link.. anyone
ggg what will happen to already owned Surveyor's Compasses ???
fk archnemesis.

Monster Balance

Improved the visual effect for Monsters that explode corpses to make it more obvious. All variants of the skill that deal damage based on the life of the monster should now be more clearly telegraphed to provide more time to avoid these explosions. Many corpse explosion-related skills used by monsters now deal flat damage instead of scaling with corpse life.

Dear GGG,

I extremely appreciate the direction GGG is going to address exploding corpses.

Another suggestion on this related topic is to apply this 'fix' to ALL "on death effects", so that we can clearly see something is happening and react accordingly. I have had multiple characters die in the Viridian Forest simply because I was blind and did not realize that white volatiles had spawned on my screen. This could also be a problem if you killed a pack of mob with the 'white volatile on death' mod while standing near the pack in a high density map mob. This would result in your character dying instantly to the chain volatile explosions that you were unaware would occur.

Thank you for considering this request!
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Sublimical wrote:
What happens to existing master missions? Poof?

Good question. Maybe they convert them to Kirac missions...
Mark, during the ZiggyD livestream you talked about your thoughts for better fixes for LMB regarding builds being gem socket starved and mentioned minions.

I ask for more buttons to put skills on to fix my side of the issue.

My strongest and only level 100 character felt more pressure from lack of available buttons than gem sockets.

Mandatory buttons I need to press in this build:
Bone armor on left click. Guard skills were LMB or CWDT.
Blessing aura
Leapslam replaced flamedash/shield charge
Arcanist brand to combine desecrate, offering, and curse into one button at the cost of a gem socket
Lingering blade source
Animate weapon
VAAL animate weapon
Summon skeletons

Buttons I can push once and forget until death:
5 auras
Animate Guardian
Stone golem
Carrion golem

Skills I cant have due to no available button space rather than sockets:
predator support
Other animate weapon transfigured versions.
Vaal summon skeletons
Vaal haste
Enduring Cry
Summon Zombie
Second curse
Flame wall
Dominating blow, Absolution Vaal versions

And many other niche cases.

With the LMB change this league, I have gone from 8 buttons to 7. This hurts my gameplay more than the gem pressure. I cant use the 2nd button set actively in combat because carpel tunnel and missclicks. For this reason I request that you enable the LMB to still function for this league until you can find a better answer.

I wish I had access to more buttons on all build even if they were not on a visible interface. I would happily use F1-F4 for additional constant used buttons or a full line of keys like an MMO. It just feels bad to be limited by interface rather than intentional game balance.

PoE2's "reactionary gameplay" looks like this build's buttons might triple. I have 1/2 the space I need right now, where am I to put all these?
People dismiss minion builds as lazy until you tell them how much you need to keep it going.

They are correct, but it's still more than they make it out to be.

Looking forward to trying pure chaos minions and bone armours change, 1% of minion damage would make you virtually immortal once you can take on oneshots.

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