Content Update 3.24.0 -- Path of Exile: Necropolis

Detonate Dead still really good. Glad that really didn't get a nerf.
on1ysuffer wrote:
So everything got nerfed, league mechanic is some sort of metamorph with cool (absolute dogshit 99.99% of the time) crafted rare rewards?

Even mapping itself got nerfed (but buffed if ur build is uber-viable?)
And cherry on top, - cycling damage reduction rares will be quite literally uber bosses, and more useless transfigured gems lmfao

What even is this ice shot? Either i don't understand what it is, or it's just absolutely unusable to the point where it's hard to understand how someone came up with the idea of it.

"Everything" didn't get nerfed LOL.
This one of the best leage/expansion reveals in a really long time. Love the changes! Funny how you shit on the league mechanic without even playing it. Stop trolling. You hate the game, we get it.
Seems like so many bad changes.
What. The. FUCK.
Yeah nerf everything good and fun, that will for sure make it better instead of raising the weak skills nerf the strong ones. Had really high hopes for the league after the livestream, the hype was unreal, but damn the patchnotes brought it all down.
This is NOT the way.
of course none of the nerfs was mentioned in the livestream. mana changes in particular are super cringe. I was thinking about returning to the game and buying some supporter packs, but after reading these, nah thanks. enjoy spamming mana flasks
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login lets go
It took you like 4 leagues but you finally shook the meta up, good job. Might finally convince some of my friends to play again.

There's some things here for me to chew on, mainly the Necro Ascendancy changes. The Bone Barrier/Unnatural Strength ones are interesting (opens up some new ideas), but the Mindless Aggression one is pretty lame tbh.

It was already a boring node (minion damage and movespeed) and so we changed it to... minion damage and life?
It's always been the kind of node you barely notice when allocated, and this patch didn't change that.

Still, I'm glad you addressed how Bone Armour was basically screwed with it being unable to be bound to left click anymore. I hate to break it to you guys, but NOBODY uses guard skills to react to enemies, at least not at the high echelons of play. Game is way too fast and you've already got too much to manage (especially as a Necro) to pay attention to such a thing.
HYPE HYPE!!! Not Every changes are Good! But bring fresh Wind in this game! =)
Thank you very much

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