3.23.1 Hotfix

Kieren_GGG wrote:
Jerle wrote:
Still no fixes to ruthless challenges :(

We're currently working on this one and should have it fixed up soon.

As a loyal Path of Exile player, I am delighted to witness the gradual growth of this game from its inception into a uniquely charming masterpiece. However, an incident involving my friend today prompts me to seek an official explanation once again. Why is the stacking quantity of currency in the backpack so stringent? Today, my friend acquired their first Mirror of Kalandra in this season. Unfortunately, in the subsequent trade with a character named [Removed by Support], a deceiver playing the role of a Destroyer, a fraudulent scheme unfolded. The scammer falsely claimed that the backpack couldn't achieve the trade quota in a single transaction, leading to a split transaction. Despite my kind-hearted friend's trust, the scammer promptly logged off after receiving a portion of the currency, leaving them stranded. Just imagine, what if the stacking quantity of high-value currency in the backpack were 50 or 100? Would it result in economic collapse or promote more secure transactions? I cannot say for certain, as GGG has not provided players with such an opportunity! Finally, I express gratitude to the designers of this season's mechanics; you have given us an excellent gaming experience. Looking forward to more exciting seasons from GGG!
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Abyss still not spawning in multiple layout with sextant, map device craft, and scarabs. Seemingly when I get triple empowered only 1 abyss will spawn, I want to keep playing but putting a div into the map device basically and then not getting the chance to get rewarded for my investment feels pretty bad.
When will the console community get caught up on the last two patches and the hotfix?
Performance issues on console no matter what server you try to play on are currently making the game unplayable. Every 10 seconds game freezes and sends you speeding off to whatever direction your joystick was pointing. Constantly dying due to lag and jitter. I am new to POE and this is my first league. I want to play POE2 - which is why I'm getting in now. This is a bad first impression if this is what the performance is like on a 10+ year old game. Game is unplayable and I'll be putting it down if it doesn't get fixed soon.
We've been playing poe since around 2020 and this is the worst it's ever been. It's so bad sometimes it's unplayable! I don't think GGG is listening to us though. Seems as though the console community is the redheaded stepchild so to speak. I've yet to read a response to any of our pleas for help with the issues we're having, but yet they take our money for tabs and MTX! Doesn't seem fair. My wife and I play this game everyday so we're not casual gamers by any means and we've had days where we just want to walk away from it.
I wish them well with POE2 and hope it's a great game but lets not forget what got them here! Seems as though the closer we get to the beta release of POE2 this one starts suffering even more!

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anything on ball lightning with trap support spawning a full screen away from intended spot?
gauntlet is right around the corner
I too am curious if a fix is in the works for Ball Lightning of Static not spawning the ball directly on top of a triggered trap/mine location.
More and more often there is 1 abyss on the map instead of 4 WHY?
zombieclod wrote:
When will the console community get caught up on the last two patches and the hotfix?

Never, they are fully utilised with supporter packs publishing

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