3.23.1 Hotfix

Thank you.
Do you planned one day to resolve all of this?

- Blight mob stuck in decor when portal spawn in statue or something

- Legion bosses who sometimes do not want to disappear leaving the loot

- Heist NPC stuck or dancing when they doing action or plant the bomb,

- Abyss don't close sometime and spawn mob without discontinue cause by decor again...

These mechanics are not new and you still do nothing....

Can we see a fix for these mechanics which date back years and have still not been resolved? :/
So are we just going to ignore the GLARINGLY BAD server performance that is ruining an otherwise amazing league? I understand you may not have a solution but at the very least acknowledge that you are aware of it and give us some kind of feedback?
Nice league, good fixes, poorly performance.
Is there gonna be an fix on whisps visibility? This was announced week 1 but no changes yet.

When will the console community be getting the new hot fix and latest patch??
Fixed a bug where entering or exiting the Viridian Wildwood would close the map overlay.

Thank You!!! small QoL, but much appreciated.
DarkenX wrote:
I'm still hoping we'll hear SOMETHING about performance! I don't care if the immediate future isn't likely, but at least TELL US that something is being done, that it's being looked into or something of the sort!

It would be nice to know what the plan is.
am i the only one who's pissed seeing all those "mtx fixes" , when there are a glaring problems that makes the game literally unplayable, and it lingers from the start of the league, and only getting worse, tho ggg dont even want to adress it?
The state of the game as it is, I am done playing PoE1 after I've completed a few more challenges.

By the time the devs come up with a fix for this horrendously optimized, poorly balanced game (shader spikes, latency spikes, lag, and much more), PoE2 will be released.

And there are other more serious issues with PoE1, that I wouldn't wanna talk about out loud.
player agency, where?

"do you guys not have phones?" - blizz 2018
"do you guys not have 2 monitors, 3 overlays, 4 discord, 5 websites, 6 loot filters?" - ggg or smth 2024
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