3.23.0d Patch Notes (restartless)

3.23.0d Patch Notes

This patch contains a handful of improvements and bug fixes.

Improvements and Fixes

  • The Affliction League UI displaying the number of Wisps collected now persists after leaving the Viridian Wildwood.
  • Fixed a bug where the Ultimate Undertaking challenge was not completing when doing Inscribed Ultimatums.
  • Improved situations where monsters could spawn outside an Ultimatum encounter, stopping it from being completed.
  • Fixed and changed the requirements of the Ruthless Eldritch Engagement Challenge. It now requires: 15 Searing Exarch Altars with Wrath of the Cosmos, 15 Eater of Worlds Altars with Eldritch Gaze, and 25 Witness Map Bosses with Destructive Play.
  • In Controller Input Mode you can now toggle the Wisp UI descriptions with Right Stick + Left DPad.
  • Fixed a bug in Controller Input Mode where scrolling could break in the Gem and Flask Stash Tabs.
  • Fixed an instance crash.

This patch has been deployed without restarting the servers. You will need to restart your client to receive the client changes in this patch.
Has any exile really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
Last bumped on Jan 20, 2024, 11:06:14 AM
I'd pick brood here
Rip Orb of Fusing
Thank you!
No delirium crash fix?
Still no fix for Transfigured Siege and Shrapnel Ballista interaction with Iron Commander and Replica Iron Commander?
this stance crash is the nenet on heist?

cuz its taking a realy long time to fix that...
nice :)
still no exit the league mechanic that you need to put in EVERY league mechanic.
skills Needs Rework:
Raise Spectre as of 3.23.
Thanks for fixing the Ultimatum Challenge

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