[3.23] Chieftain + Warlock = THE GIGA EXPLODER! MF in T16 maps on a 1.5d budget!

Welcome fellow exiles!

Today I want to share my Chieftain Warlock Exploder build!

I did not see anyone yet play this kind of build, but I think it's extremely potent, especially for a lower budget.

We spawn Phantasms with Penance Mark and utilize the chieftain explosions for our main damage.

The meta right now is to farm juiced up maps with the league mechanic and this is where the build really shines, while you are still capable to kill all pinnacle bosses very easily.

This is a very unique build we were not able to do before 3.23.
I hope Penance Mark gets implemented into the core game in one form or another as spawning enemy mobs for your benefit is a very interesting mechanic to build around.

I have started the league with this build and played the concept from first Lab on! I cleared atlas and farmed Ultimatum for a while, but now switched to juiced up MF mapping. I just hit Level 99 on MF gear.

The build is still very much WIP, but I want to share my experience and maybe trigger some discussion or ideas from you guys!

Currently working on high budget setup and killing Ubers! If we can tank them, they should be fairly easy, but those are never going to be fast kills.

Attempts / Kills:
1/1 Uber Exarch: Can facetank everything except big explosion. Don't stay on the fire ground thingys. Very easy.
1/1 Uber Eater: Can facetank everything except big explosion. Stay out of bubbles via Frostblink, hurry up with Doom Phase.
0/3 Uber Maven: Reached last phase on second and third try. Very annoying and "soft enrage" with the degen ground. It's hard to get a explosion of in her face and the no-regen laser kills us. Maybe I'm just too bad at the fight. On the plus side: If a map-boss explodes the phase is a oneshot. :D
0/0 Uber Cortex: Didn't try yet.
0/0 Uber Shaper: Didn't try yet.
0/0 Uber Uber Elder: Didn't try yet.
0/0 Uber Sirus: Didn't try yet.

Let's get started with the build!

I try to setup the pobs to be as realistic as possible. I hope there is no "pob warrior" stuff going on. If you find something odd, please tell me. Yes, we have pretty much permanent uptime on flasks and "on kill" effects while bossing

Setups missing: Big budget with Mageblood

Current MF Setup (Level 99)
Current bossing, max dps/tankyness setup (Level 99)
1.5 Divine Orb Low Budget build for medium juiced T16 farming (Level 90)

How does this work?
Penance Mark is a Mark-Skill provided by the new Warlock Wildwood Ascendancy.
If you hit the target, 3 Phantasms will spawn with a cooldown of 1 second. This is scalable with Mark effectiveness.

We trigger Penance Mark with Incinerate, which provides buffs for us and debuffs the enemy. It also heals us a lot with its crazy hit rate (at least 5 hits per second per enemy).

RF combined with Incinerate does enough damage (roughly 1m) to kill the phantasms, which explode for 500% of their life.
In the mino run (see video section) the explosion from one of the phantasms does about 1-1.5m flat and 10m ignite dps. Tanky mobs explode for dot capped ignites and will one-shot map bosses with their explosion (eg. extra life champions surrounding a map boss).

We scale aoe to hit the main target.
We scale ignite duration to keep the ignites up as long as possible.
We scale generic damage to increase the damage of the explosions.

Defenses & recovery
High mitigation paired with high recovery makes this build almost immortal.
I can facetank stuff like Flask-Meteors from Altars, stand in the middle of juiced abyss mobs and facetank most Pinnacle Bosses.

You have to be careful with penetration though.

- ~85% physical damage taken as elemental damage
- 90% All Res
- 75% Chaos Res
- Pathfinder-Like Flask uptime against Bosses, even for unique flasks
- 6 endurance charges
- permanent Adrenaline (from Death Rush)
- atleast 20% life recovery from Razor of the seventh sun (4 mobs * 5 casts per second * 1% life recovered)
- atleast 15% life recovered (from Death Rush - 3 kills per second)
- Defiance of Destiny to become basically immortal

This builds excels at standing still and facetanking stuff while waiting for giga explosions. Very relaxed gameplay.

- Easy Ultimatums (do not pick any "Ruin" stuff)
- Oneshots Expeditions
- Facetanks juiced up map mobs (abysses) and bosses
- Can run Wellspring of Creation without the big downside
- Very budget friendly

It's a little slower, but still very effective.

- Penetration (eg. shaper balls)
- Hard to control explosions (will oneshot your abyss spires)
- Not the fastest mapper, due to low movespeed
- Proc rate limitations make you wait for explosions some times
- Reduced curse effect
- No rucksack :(

Farming strategies
Atlas progression with Ultimatum, Expedition, Alva, Maven:
Scarabs: Ultimatum, Expedition, Ambush
Map Device: Ambush
Influence: Maven
I used this for map progression and early T16 farming to get all my invites and bosses done. Use Alva as often as you can or maybe even get the alva sextant. This is a Non-MF strategy. I would still use this one if MF wasn't as busted as it is right now. Wildwood does not do much for this strategy, so you can basically ignore it or go boss hunting.

Endgame MF with Abyss, Ritual, Harbinger, Exarch:
Scarabs: Gilded Abyss (must have), Reliquary, Harbinger, optional: Ambush, Divination, Elder/Shaper
Map Device: Abyss (unlocked from Seventh Gate)
Influence: Exarch
This is the juicer strategy! Roll your maps with +2 Proj or Beyond, go for atleast 6 mods (yes, exalt your maps!), or maybe even corrupt all your maps for 8 mods or unid. Roll or buy sextants with Delirium and Beyond.
This is a very high investment strat for mapping.
Be aware that this only works well if you can "juice" the map up with wildwood. You should aim for atleast 7-8k on double juice (Purple OR Blue + Yellow) or best scenario 6k+ Triple-Juice!
If you have question about that strat go to Tuna / Fubgun / idk who else.
I am still learning my Wildwoods and messing up maps a lot of the time! ;)

RF leveling is increased by ~50% more DPS in a league start scenario, so leveling was super smooth for me. You can play the actual build starting with the completion of the first lab.

- Get to A2 however you want :)
- RF + Incinerate from A2 on
- Pick up Warlock and Penance Mark in A2
- Pick up Chieftain explosions from first lab
- Get as close to 100% global ignite chance from tree and items
- Pick up Resist-Stuff from Chieftain
- See POBs from here on and enjoy your journey to red maps

Stuff to explore and questions I still have...
As said before, this build is still very much WIP. I am still not sure how some of the mob and mark mechanics work. For the first time we can pretty much rely on "on kill" effects, even while bossing or killing tanky rares. There is still a lot to explore and I probably missed some really cool stuff! :)

- 100% uptime on "on kill" effects (while bossing)
- High uptime on Vaal Skills (while bossing)
- Can we increase the spawn rate with CD reduction?
- How much life do the phantasms in different encounters actually have?
- How does delirium affect the mob life (and explosion damage)?
- Is there any better skill than Incinerate?
- Can we implement something that keeps up our juicy ignites? Cursing or crit hits? Especially for juicy Vaal Breach explosions.

- Create POB for maxed out version
- Explore variants with different skills / defense setups
- Create videos for juiced map run and bossing (you can kind of see it though)
- Create video guide

Version history
V1.0 - 04.01.2024: Initial post
V1.1 - 05.01.2024: Added low budget MF Version

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Wow , nice setup ! Very interesting idea !

Do u have a uber video ?

Btw, ill follow this build xD

nice !
Thanks guys! I just added a 11.8k MF juice run on a T16 cemetery.

Later tonight I will add a 2h video of the zero-to-hero MF build.
I bought every single piece of gear on a level 90 chieftain and ran a medium juiced t16 map.

I am still working on ubers though. I am busy on the weekend so that might take a couple of days. I don't assume they will be particularly easy though - do not expect too much here. :D
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I tried putting this together and everything went great except I really struggle to get the explosions to hit. Feels like I lack AoE on the hinekora pop so most of the time it misses the boss (when it explodes at all). Can you advise on anything I might change to fix that?

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I tried putting this together and everything went great except I really struggle to get the explosions to hit. Feels like I lack AoE on the hinekora pop so most of the time it misses the boss (when it explodes at all). Can you advise on anything I might change to fix that?


I glanced over the pobb.in, but can‘t make out any big mistakes. I‘ll take a look in pob tonight.
Are you killing all 3 spawns every second, before they despawn?
Ty, have pob with mage blod ? nvm, check you profile )
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daneelahuila wrote:
Ty, have pob with mage blod ? nvm, check you profile )

Yeah, I should have one equipped. Still WIP though. ^^
If we have anger prismatic jewel, we swap malevolence to anger ?

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