Path of Exile: Affliction Talent Competition

zznn wrote:
Pathfinder, master of finding the path in the Viridian Wildwood.

She found only blue wisps.

Created with 3D modeling and painting, here are some screenshots of the viewport and wireframe: LINK

just wow! true talent!!!with so atmosphere!!!
Here's my submission.

※ This submission is re-uploaded with my workflow to avoid any possible misunderstandings regarding AI generation.
And then I also added a little more touch.

~Warden of Eaves~

- workflow -

I hope you all enjoy my work.
Have a great day.
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Hello everyone! Here's my entry for this talent competition

The Breaker of Oaths diorama

The figurine is made of polymer clay, fabric, EVA foam and the staff is actual wood ^^
Background scenery is made of paper, foam, wood, moss and stones

^I had fun editing this picture to get closer to the in-game feeling

Here are some other pictures to show more details



And here some work in progress pictures:


Hope you will like it!
My entry for the Talent Competitionis is just a little story told with memes. Hope y'all enjoy iy!

The Affliction Road Trip

Chapter 1: The Bus Driver

Chapter 2: The Warning

Chapter 3: Enjoying the trip


Chapter 5: Moving Foward!

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This is my entry for the competition. An illustration i did in PS.

The infusion of the monsters. I can provide psd file if its suspected of AI
My second entry, its my first time of doing lightbox)Just this league is so inspiring
Affliction Totem Lightbox

Hope u will like it)
I made an AI companion that you can chat with about Path of Exile

Link :

Puuuh saw this competition way to late, let's see if i can do a AAA cinematic in 14 days. o.0

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magnusbard wrote:

AI art not allowed.

If it was not for those little flying branches twirling like they got smudged it would be really difficult to detect. Quite pretty AI art.
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