Path of Exile: Affliction Talent Competition

Hi, this is my humble contribution to the abyss affliction farming

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Good luck!
Hi everyone,

This is my participation with a painting,

Wildwood fire meeting

I used acrylic on canvas (65x81cm, 21x31"), and it took me approximately 2 weeks to complete. I was highly inspired with this spooky dark forest atmosphere in Affliction league and tried to recreate this moment in between the darkness, when we meet the warden of eaves for a brief moment of respite.

Hope you will enjoy, and cheers to all!)

my 2nd entry


I hide some random layers for proof It was done by a human

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This is my submission.

Thank you.
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Flopis wrote:
This is my second contribution to the this contest. When I finish a crosshatching drawing I end up with crossed eyes and a stiff hand, but it's always worth the trip.

Really like this technique! Nice art!

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Here's my submission, hope you peeps enjoy! ^_^

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