3.23.0c Patch Notes (restartless)

This just broke my storm rain build. very frustrating

GGG you killed my storm rain of the fence build. hasn't your policy been to NOT do that mid league?

(yes I am referring to the arrow limit applying to totems)
10 days after league start and introduction of Dominating Blow of Inspiring, and the skill still not fixed, crash on use Vaal Domination (Dominating Blow of Inspiring)+ trauma support.
Anything to address the server and performance issues??
GGG i really like this league, BUT its soooo boring of crashes without any error. Every juiced maps randomly crashed, and no, my PC is not potato. I spend every league money to supporter pack, to say Thank you for your content, but i cannot enjou it because game is now unplayeble. Please foccus on stability of game, and after this major fix for every players you can try to fix notworking spectres and othes stufs....thx
Honestly don't understand the storm rain change. It was good but not crazy, now completely useless. Bricked my 20+ hour character to make one less useable new skill.
Still no any information about EK projectiles not returning its 11 days after the league launch cmon guys youre doing a great job keeping up with updates but we at least could know if thats intended change. Regards
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price on 21/20 EK of lingering blades STONKS
Fix Inscribed Ultimatum in an area level of 83 with at least 8 modifiers not counting for challenge when :/?
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EK Return Proj fix where?

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