3.23.0 Hotfix 12

RymdLeif wrote:
Massive performance issues here.

Specs below:

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz
16,0 GB RAM
Win 10
(Edit: Nvidia GTX 1080 Graphics card)

I logged in after the recent patch and my whole screen is blurry. Even the start screen is pixeled. My fps is also down tremendeously. Set my graphics to lowest, still the same story. Had same issues half of last league during performance patches.

The game is lagging and I'm getting constant crashes. Maybe we need a rollback or something because there seems to be a lot of people whom are having the same problems as me right now.

Have a good day!


After previous post you patched it pretty soon afterwards, that made the game work well again for me. There must be another patch some time today that completely reset everything to what it was before (at the time of the quote).

I have no idea what's going on, but this is completely unplayable. It's really frustrating to have a random patch just completely ruin my experience and make the game unplayable. This happened to me a lot in ToTa league, and it seems to repeat itself again now.

Can we get more info over these small patches, and what you're doing, because something about this patch in regards to performance is changed, and I see no info about this.

I feel like we need more transparency from you guys in regards to these patches.

This is currently how my game look (Note: I usually play at ultra settings without any issues normally):

Enhance the picture and you'll see clearly how blurry my screen is.

Thanks, and have a good day.
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I got huge problem a performance since the begining of this league (i didnt play the last one) i really cant play the game anymore. That's sad.
Path of Crashing
Just remove the cosmetic if you don't know how to fix the problems,let us play.
Money is geting more important?????
Bloomania wrote:
There are SO many more changes needed.....

Rewards need to be buffed...

Wildwood infested mobs are WAY too tanky and still deal WAY too much damage

Can't see wisps

Can't finish 3rd quest for wildwood.....

Oh man the amount of changes needed to make this league feel good are staggering....

bruh look at your build, no life on chest, no life on helmet, no life on rings, no lifet on amulet...
RymdLeif wrote:
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz
16,0 GB RAM
Win 10
(Edit: Nvidia GTX 1080 Graphics card)

Same specs here, same problems, but worst.
Not only the game goes to crap after three maps/areas so I have to close it and restart every few minutes, but it also does not load assets every time I enter a new area. Enemies, attacks, objects, ground, stuff takes minutes to appear so I get killed by invisible stuff constantly, and that is after loading for one minute, then in zone waiting for about 45sec again for the green shader bar to finish.

The sad part is that performance wise, when the green shader bar is full, it is the only time the game is stable and smooth as it was before july's so called "performance patch" but when it's done, everything slowly goes to crap unstable slideshow invisible stuff mess. This I will never understand. The green bar means something is loading something, so the game should be struggling a bit, then when the bar is gone, everything should be loaded and the game should run properly. It is the complete opposite of that.

I tried every single graphic option, nothing has the slightest impact, only rendering system goes even worst if I choose Dx11 or Dx12.

And I'm not mentioning the one to two minute town loading time, or 45sec any other area regardless if I was here before or not. This was five seconds tops before july by the way.

Is there a point to breaking the game engine for six months and making it worst every patch or is it just to get rid of lower setups and only keep rich people around ? Because I've played more than ten thousand hours, spent hundreds of dollars for ten years, and I'd appreciate not been thrown away like an old dirty sock.

EDIT: I mean, really... What on earth is going on here ?
Shouldn't it be flying at a constant flat 300 fps on that screen ? Geez

Please fix this engine !
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Just chiming in here to confirm that a recent patch (since yesterday EU times) has broken performance for me ... AGAIN. broken back to how broken it was the entirety of last league. every 3-4 seconds my CPU spikes and my frames drop down to 40.. even while idling in any zone. constantly. this issue was introduced by the famous pre-league "Performance" patch before Ancestor League.. I was happily surprised it had been resolved for me on this league.

4 days. I had four days... now its back. -.-

Running it via Linux AMD Ryzen (first gen, I know old), 1050 Ti, 16gb RAM, SSD ofc.

I could play the game well before. only full parties with projectiles spam destroyed it...

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Game crashing, using japan gateway.
there is a 50% chance i might log into the game but once i enter the waypoint it crashes instantly. Unplayable. Did everything i could and none could fix this issue; seems like there are quite some of us with this same issue out there. PLEASE FIX.
last few hours perfomance is been terrible idk whats going on , lag spikes and very high CPU usage i have 5900x it went up to 80% wich is insane
Tabs STILL broken. No one want to pay for broken setups.
Dead League unless they fix league mechanic. Holelee. Ill be on D4 until yall wake up KEKW
Holla at me on twitch, twitter, & youtube @beats4president

Always trading :)

Thank you GGG for the Great Game

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