3.23.0 Hotfix 12

As soon i Tp to waypoint i crash, and when i am killing mobs i crash, 6 times in a row i crash just to finish act 10. When you press play on your character game crashes.
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Was playing last night and it was fine. Now the game is unplayable and it crashes whenever I join an instance
what about EK :( ?
Please fix ethereal knives :(
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still waiting for EK fix :( league start ruined :(
Tried to run one map crashed two times in 6 minutes. Why is it that for some players since 3.23 the game is just broken with constant crashing?
So how come we still don't know so many details about affliction.

Is it because it gives 2% quant and 90% extra life and damage or something stupid.

3.23.0 Hotfix 12

Reduced the amount of damage dealt by the Cultist Warrior's Detonate Dead skill.


Extensively Tested™
Have you noticed how the mechanic is good at league start, but takes a streamer to die, in HC, RIP Ben and Alkaizer.

Same with Kripp dying instantly to Kole in Onslaught. "Oh crap we gotta nerf Kole !"
All cool,but....when when will we be able to actually play the game?
Disconnect issues are intolerable to the point of me quitting.
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