Content Update 3.23.0 -- Path of Exile: Affliction

No nerf to divines/mirrors drop in sanctrume == skip no matter how good the rest of the patchnote is.. sanctrume like last league is auto skip for me
biggest league hype so far
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ERROR502 wrote:
Shepherd_ArK wrote:
The amount of ppl crying because stuff changes and Last league
They begged for change

What is wrong with them fr….

People want changes to the better,not stupid nerfs on everything...

Quoted for truth.

Nobody asked that GGG nerf everything so they dont have to pay as much for bandwidth and server processing.
from now on i'm only watching your live streams with "Julius Fucik - Entry of the Gladiators" playing in the background
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Path of Exile 2 will be a great leap forward
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Exlll wrote:
What is going to happen to the lab fragments like Dedication of the Goddess etc.?

Doubling that question. Dedication looks useless now.
So now you can get from 99 to 100 by sacrificing 3 leveled gems? Do I understand this correctly? Might be exceedingly rare though.
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LaserVonRekyu wrote:

I hope I didnt misunderstand the skill gem changes. We get actual interesting things using the lab gem crafting table thing that were not in the notes right?

We get alternate versions of the same skills see the League page where they showed some of them.
And what about the performance issues?

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